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AdSpecialist4523 t1_j6im9g2 wrote

This would seem to make a good bit of sense to anyone who doesn't think murder was invented in Western Europe in the 14th century. It's not like all the guns magically popped into existence in the last 20 years. Something else must necessarily be happening.


Bruno_Vieira t1_j6j7rvr wrote

Nope. That shows a misunderstanding of history… Humans are fucked up. They will kill others for the smallest of reasons. They will genocide others in the flick of an eye if left to their own devices. A teen would murder you as a rite of passage without even thinking about it if that is what his culture tells him to do. Respect for human lives in the level we have now is definitely a modern accomplishment.


AdSpecialist4523 t1_j6j8ke3 wrote

I'm confused as to how anything you said disagrees with what I said. I think you may have misunderstood me. I'm saying that murder was not invented in 14th century Western Europe, which is obvious. And the troubles that the USA, in particular, has been facing are new. Therefore, the weapons that have been widely available for 600-700 years are likely not to blame and there is a deeper societal issue at play. I don't know why more and more kids are deciding to just start shooting people, but I do know that it isn't the gun's fault.


Bruno_Vieira t1_j6j8zwu wrote

It seemed like you were arguing for the prevalence of mental illness in humans that kill other humans. I was trying to point out that a regular human killing other humans is not as alien as modern society would have u thinking it is. Maybe I have failed to understand ur comment.


AdSpecialist4523 t1_j6jaj9e wrote

Well I'm not ready to completely discount mental illness, but I am definitely saying that people killing each other is not a new phenomenon and has been going on for at least as long as our species has been writing things down. If it weren't guns, it would be swords. If not swords, sharp rocks. If not rocks, sticks. We will always find a way to kill each other because we have always been killing each other.