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JaiC t1_j6oyynr wrote

Maybe the lab techs shouldn't be drinking so much before going to work?

Jokes aside, I'm glad this is getting visibility. It's not even about the science, everyone knows alcohol is bad for the sperm, but it's a good social-policy comment, to remind people who are having trouble conceiving that you really do want to try your best to do everything "right" to reduce the physical, emotional, and fiscal cost of the ordeal.

I'll also add that those of you who think alcohol will work as birth control...yeah, that's definitely going to be fine.


PhelesDragon t1_j6ota0o wrote

Who knew poison could lower vitality...


BovaDesnuts t1_j6ontls wrote

Good to know my balls are looking out for me during drunk hookups


Zarathustra_d t1_j6p3zpi wrote

Yeah, I see this as good news, and a reason to keep drinking.


iamsce t1_j6oon6n wrote

Maybe he secretly doesn't want kids.


spacefaceclosetomine t1_j6p9k8i wrote

Yeah, I wonder how many would drink intentionally. They’d have cost of in vitro to back them up if they felt like gaslighting. Man, do I think the worst of people sometimes!


1PooNGooN3 t1_j6p1120 wrote

I always keep my fridge stocked with my male birth control


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elcheapodeluxe t1_j6ou0kz wrote

IME - alcohol use is NOT inversely linked to pregnancies in general!


MoRoDeRkO t1_j6p4det wrote

So I should just get hammered before I have sex if I have no condoms?


Wyrdeone t1_j6pdxol wrote

Alcohol is what you drink after you have the kids. Another win for scientists investigating things we all collectively knew.


diggingtrash t1_j6p8lbg wrote

But alcohol helps you get laid. Which is infinitely more odds of pregnancy than having healthy sperm and not getting laid.