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KermitPhor t1_j43mcuk wrote

Positive progress paving the way to a larger study


baeee777 t1_j45drar wrote

this would be nice, I still cannot smell a year later


Vivid-Fisherman-7180 t1_j4gfbin wrote

How is your taste?


baeee777 t1_j4h7ed8 wrote

normal, only lost smell


Vivid-Fisherman-7180 t1_j4h7yjo wrote

Did you lose smell completely?


baeee777 t1_j4hvaxu wrote

pretty much, every once in a while I can smell stuff but it's rare. I would say like 10 times so far I have been able to smell... it will actually be 2 years in july. Initially though everything just smelled weird to me - like toothpaste. Then it was gone completely


Vivid-Fisherman-7180 t1_j4hy75n wrote

So is it getting better at all?? Have you tried any treatments?


baeee777 t1_j4i8dix wrote

It has not gotten better. I have not sought treatment but also it's more annoying than anything. It is no danger to my health. I don't even go to the dentist like I should so im not going to stress over the lack of smell. Plus, covid and the loss of smell is so new to my knowledge there was on treatment


Are you okay btw? I read your comment history. I do not know how old you are, but I would not stress too much about loss of smell. If you cannot taste and it impacts your eating happens that could be a medical concern.


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