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FogletGilet t1_j46lzfs wrote

Nobody comments on the fact that the effects are not linear. This only shows activity at low and high concentration not in between, which is a huge warning for assay artifacts. It is impossible that anybody with a little bit of medicinal chemistry experience could have reviewed that work.These are just effects seen in vitro on enzymes and we know these molecules can have effect in-vitro and not in-vivo by perturbing the assay and that's more than likely what we are seeing here. And it is published in a low quality journal. I would be extremely careful with what appears to be poorly reviewed research. Disclaimer: I have written and reviewed for that publisher before and I definitively will not trust them anymore.


MatFalkner t1_j46nem7 wrote

In other words, this is a “hey we should do more tests paper” not a “hey we should make weedosporin for cuts paper”.


FogletGilet t1_j46oh7x wrote

Not even. A lot of molecules you can find in any plant including salad would be active on this enzyme at those dosages. This is just a paper adding to the noise unfortunately.


mattmre t1_j488wkf wrote

Someone checking a box for the grant money spent... with hand out for more.


DrTonyTiger t1_j47ben2 wrote

The warning is important. MDPI is letting lots of crap through. I don't trust anything in their journals any more.


DeeplyTroubledSmurf t1_j48g9f0 wrote

In-vitro experiments are fun and make great headlines. They're also in sterile and stable environments. I'm not sure the general public realizes the difference between what a chemical is capable of, and how unrelated that can be to what your body does with it.


Cleistheknees t1_j48zzo6 wrote

> It is impossible that anybody with a little bit of medicinal chemistry experience could have reviewed that work.

It’s MDPI. Was probably reviewed by a janitor.


MemmoryDealers t1_j4ajwnx wrote

Cannabis is so emotionally charged that it 'feels' like a lot of low quality (and honestly just unscientific) studies get published.


jhillman87 t1_j48unzq wrote

High concentrating huh?

So... you're saying... i just need to smoke way more?