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Rodot t1_j476jeg wrote

I wonder if this applies to psychedelics as well. They bind to the serotonin-2 receptors which, among other things, promotes platelet aggregation (and many SSRIs have increased bleeding risk because they down-regulate these receptors) . So would psychedelics also promote faster wound healing? I know, like with weed, some psychedelics (like DOI, LSD, LA-SS-Az, and TCB-2) are also anti-inflammatory. Perhaps sub-perceptual dosages of these things could also have medical application in wound healing? DOI especially because of its extremely long duration of action would make it a medication you take once a day in the morning.


Hanflander t1_j479zqs wrote

5HT2A receptor agonism from classical psychedelics is also associated with increased BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which leads to neurogenesis and more connections between brain cells. This is even evident after a single administration. Look up “psychoplastogens.”


Possumsurprise t1_j47f95g wrote

Is this observed with purely monomeric-targeting 5HT2AR agonists though? Because the psychedelics exert their strong perceptual effects and I believe some other effects by binding to those in an oligomer with mGluR2,to disinhibit glutamate activity, though I think there had been challenges to that idea recently. Either way there would be something more to the effects of psychedelics at 5HT2ARs because those like lisuride that bind to the monomeric form only don’t induce the same kind of effects, though I may be missing something.


Rodot t1_j47cda2 wrote

It should be noted that amphetamine also increases BDNF and improves functional connectivity in the brain while promoting neurogensis, while also causing less confusion.


patfetes t1_j4772r5 wrote

I suppose only tests can tell us the truth.


DeletinMySocialMedia t1_j49r6ks wrote

As someone who had severe anxiety and constant negative thoughts that were never ending which also meant insomnia. Psychedelics completely changed all that and more. At 25 I thought I was damaged by childhood abuse. Now 33 psychedelic healing I realized I’m not damaged just traumatized. A quiet mind with no negative thoughts is a game changer to say the least.


[deleted] t1_j47lc4v wrote

Take enough and you’ll forget about your injury too, leading to an infection


Rodot t1_j489h2x wrote

If you take so much that you forget about your injury you're gonna have other problems