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Acrobatic_Switches t1_j48b1dn wrote

Can't even get wildlife bridges across highways. I'm all for it but this is a massive leap through a lot of bureaucratic holes.


PriorTable8265 t1_j48g8r9 wrote

The boomer cliff begins this year. The oldest baby boomers (77) are passing the average life expectancy age. So things are going to change very soon .


Fire__Marshall__Bill t1_j48mpao wrote

> things are going to change very soon

I really hope so. I've run into a lot of greedy assholes of all ages though so who knows?


tron_funkin_blow t1_j49jq2i wrote

Doubt. Congress dicks live 20% longer than their constituents. We have at least another 15 years of geriatric rule.


SkillsDepayNabils t1_j48s9t8 wrote

you realise every generation is full of conservative people, it'll hopefully change slowly over time but it's not going to be a "cliff" like you're celebrating


acebandaged t1_j490jo7 wrote

While that's true, we'll be getting rid of a big chunk of the lead-damaged people. They're the source of a lot of the anger and pure insanity we've been seeing, and they've been spreading it to their families.


BBQcupcakes t1_j490xot wrote

Yeah idk this feels like you've been taken by a popular narrative. You really think the difference in ideas is so dependent on age? Not my experience, anecdotally, though I don't hang with a lot of old people.


xWormZx t1_j49yekx wrote

Well yes. An overwhelming majority of people under 30 in the US vote democratic. Also, idea that people begin to vote for more conservative politicians as they age used to be true, but has recently began to stop being true. So if current patterns hold, the vast majority of the country will vote Democrat in the years to come. Both of these ideas are searchable online.


Robotlolz t1_j4a5hos wrote

I think the biggest wake up call is going to be when the boomers die off and we realize that selfishness, greed, racism, and every other bad thing we attribute to them aren’t a generational thing but a human being thing


schnager t1_j48i3vn wrote

good riddance

enough of people running things when lead ate holes in their brains decades ago


redheadedalex t1_j4adtu7 wrote

I keep hoping so. I keep desperately trying to find hope.


FriedRiceAndMath t1_j49g9sf wrote

Indeed. When you run out of boomers to blame, will you then target GenX and then millennials? Eventually the real problem will come into focus.


Bretters17 t1_j4a1epk wrote

The IIJA (Infrastructure Act) passed last year includes $8+ billion for wildlife and wildlife crossings. Most new highways and road are being planned with some sort of wildlife crossings - usually underpasses - but the overpasses will become more common when possible.

Handy PDF summary here