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Archaris t1_j49hy0z wrote

High-tension power lines and natural gas pipelines already cut swathes across the landscape; it'd be great if those same corridors could be naturalized with native species that support year-round wildlife instead of thistles and thorns to deter interlopers.

Imagine if landowners along these corridors were given some financial incentive (infrastructure bill) to regrow some hardwoods like hickory and oaks like US used to have all over the place.


mehraaza t1_j4alqnh wrote

I actually work with these exact issues but in Sweden!

Here the corridors that infrastructure creates are utilized to increase connectivity between fields and open grasslands, which is a type of nature that's increasingly scarce here. The power line infrastructures clear any trees over a certain height to ensure safety and maintenance, but the grass and shrubbery is managed to promote habitats for insects, small birds, and endangered flora that likes open grasslands. This is possible because the power grid is state owned for the most part, and the state is responsible for the maintenance and not the land owner.