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boonlinka t1_j4agge0 wrote

National Parks are rooted in displacing Indigenous people, the communities who have been sheppards and protectors of nature for centuries. Theyre definitely NOT founded for the purpose of perserving the environment because if it was, they would have lef the land much more untouched with its Native people still living off the land. I’d suggest doing more research on early conservationist’s stances on Native Americans and the exploitable potential for the land they were living on and conserving.


bogvapor t1_j4caqk9 wrote

Native Americans fucked the land up in their own ways too. They burned down forests for corn production, dammed rivers, etc. etc.


Freshiiiiii t1_j4co4u5 wrote

The small-scale controlled burns lit by indigenous people contributed to increases in the variation and ‘patchiness’ of the available environment, creating increased habitat diversity and increased abundance of berries and other plants that like to live in forest margins, which enriched the regions for bears, other large mammals, and humans too, while also decreasing severe high-intensity wildfire incidence. It’s really not at all comparable to what’s changed in the last 400 years.