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Joey3155 t1_j4anhk4 wrote

There's two reasons why corporations waste food.

When I was younger I used to work at 7-11 one night I was working with my general manager (owner's brother) and I had throw away the entire shelf of those little 7-11 breakfast sandwiches it was a good 40-50 of them. I asked my manager why we don't donate this stuff to people in need. He responded because corporate (not the franchise owner) wouldn't allow it because they don't want to run afoul of New York state law which actually has rules about how long establishments can keep certain kinds of food for the sandwiches the limit is 24 hrs from the time of delivery.

I worked at White Castle after that and I worked night shift so I had to go into the refridgerator and freezer and prep them for delivery, help the delivery guy unload the truck, etc. One of the things I did was throw away all of the food waste and then report what I threw away. I got stuck doing this unironically because I was honest and didn't steal. One day threw a good several large shovel full of hamburgers that couldn't have been more then 20 mins old but because of corporate policy we had to get rid of them I threw a good 1200 dollars of food away that night and then reported the items so they could become a tax write off.

People have idea how much food is thrown out by the food service industry and I'm scare to ask about the agriculture industry I'm gonna assume it's even more.