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imaginexus t1_j4b79rs wrote

So women who wanted to be thin liked admiring women with thinner bodies. Is this the most obvious study ever?


giuliomagnifico OP t1_j4b7ljs wrote

> Thea House, the study’s lead author and a PhD student at the University of Bristol and Macquarie University, explains: “Body dissatisfaction is a risk factor for eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and purging disorder. It is also a key diagnostic symptom of anorexia nervosa. Women experiencing body dissatisfaction may be worsening it by spending more time looking at thinner body sizes.

>“Our findings have implications for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and suggest that interventions such as attention training tasks, which have been used to improve symptoms of anxiety, could be adapted to treat symptoms of eating disorders by shifting attention away from thin body sizes. These types of task can be completed on a home computer, so they have potential to be a practical and cost-effective treatment option for people with these disorders.”


ThufirrHawat t1_j4bn60h wrote

Can't escape The Female Gaze


Wassux t1_j4by01t wrote

Women only want one thing and it's disgustang!


katarh t1_j4epn3t wrote

We want 0 calorie brownies but science isn't there yet, unfortunately.


Wassux t1_j4fltt6 wrote

What do you mean? I have made nearly 0kcal brownies with sweetner before.


katarh t1_j4g7nh3 wrote

Got a recipe? Closest I've gotten is around 50 calories for a very small sad brownie that had the texture of a brick.


Wassux t1_j4gsh4o wrote

Recipe? I just replaced the sugar with sweetner, make sure to look up the ratio of sweetness otherwise it will be way too sweet.


katarh t1_j4he940 wrote

That'll get rid of the sugar, but a proper brownie has a ton of fat and carbs from flour as well, and those also have calories.


Wassux t1_j4l2xi3 wrote

Oh nvm then, get to work science!


cold-wasabi t1_j4ds44r wrote

that's literally The Male Gaze. That's what it is.


-Kibbles-N-Tits- t1_j4beqnt wrote

That wasn’t my takeaway from it so I wouldn’t say obvious


crackedrogue6 t1_j4hyqek wrote

What was your takeaway? Mine was similar to the comment you responded to, so I’m curious to hear a different perspective. :)

Rather, mine was, it could cause negative emotions when looking at thinner bodies if someone had high body dissatisfaction


seedanrun t1_j4cmttq wrote

>admiring women with thinner bodies

Or maybe giving the jealous "evil eye"?