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zugtug t1_j4ctt31 wrote

What would the impetus behind that hate be besides jealousy of something they perceive being better about being thin though?


GoodGoodGoody t1_j4czexs wrote

Envious, not jealous and we’ve all seen people hate and not be envious.


zugtug t1_j4d8nr9 wrote

Envy and jealousy are very close to the same thing except jealousy has a more negative connotation due to the fact that it involves more negative emotions like hatred.


GoodGoodGoody t1_j4dh82s wrote

You literally made my point with the link. But ok.


zugtug t1_j4dopkv wrote

I guess I don't understand your point. You said they are looking with hatred which implies jealousy, not envy. You didn't say they were looking longingly or with covetousness. What would be the root of hatred towards that thin person that wasn't rooted in jealously? Just randomly mad at someone because they are thin but not at all related to something that thin person enjoys that they don't?