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GoodGoodGoody t1_j4d0r83 wrote

Sometimes people hate things that are different just because they are different, or they know thin and fit is conventionally more attractive and they hate that fact without wanting to be thin or fit.

You do realize this is r/science and it’s ok to think of more than one possibility.


Ammear t1_j4d7zc5 wrote

Yeah, sometimes they do. Rarely, but possibly sometimes. I realise where I'm commenting, I also realise that your analysis is unlikely.

And one of the things you mentioned is pretty much exactly what envy is. The thing that's probably more likely than "I don't like thin people for the sake of them being different", which is a very poor argument in general.

If you eye someone and think you hate them, because they are conventionally better looking than you, that's pretty much the definition of envy/jealousy. Healthy (in terms of self-esteem) people over conventionally normal weight don't hate others because of their weight.