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commentaror t1_j4ejgb6 wrote

I’m a woman that admire a good looking woman’s body and will direct my gaze with longer duration. Doesn’t mean I’m dissatisfied with my own body!


Explicit_Tech t1_j4ft4t7 wrote

Yeah I do this with men at the gym too. I gaze and I go damn maybe I can get that physique or something close to it.


katarh t1_j4eqd5o wrote

There's a subjective interpretation of a good looking body at play here, too.

I find women who are extremely skinny to be..... not that pleasant to look at, myself. Don't like seeing ribcages and hip bones poking out.

But a gal with a six pack, a butt that squats, and arms that look capable of pull ups? Yeah, I'll probably look at her a bit longer than the super skinny ones.

I am dissatisfied with my own body, but I also want my body to be fit and curvy, not thin enough to look like Twiggy.