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fitandhealthyguy t1_j4edhaq wrote

It’s not a matter of expression of the gene. ApoE transports and helps to dispose of cholesterol. The ApoE4 subtype is not good at transporting and disposing of cholesterol so cholesterol builds up where it shouldn’t be. Reducing cholesterol through diet and exercise means less cholesterol for ApoE to act on - the ApoE4 is still defective, but there is less cholesterol to gum up the works.


LizzieButtons t1_j4eiw6x wrote

Cholesterol builds up where it shouldn’t AND does go where it is needed to make nerve sheath, if I’m reading correctly. So isn’t something still needed to redirect the cholesterol where it needs to go, not just to reduce overall cholesterol?


fitandhealthyguy t1_j4fmtsp wrote

It is a little complicated. ApoE transports cholesterol. The different isoforms have different abilities to bind cholesterol. ApoE2 is best, then ApoE3 with ApoE4 the worse but it still has some ability to bind and transport cholesterol. When cholesterol levels are low on the blood, ApoE4 might do an ok job but when cholesterol levels are higher, it can’t keep up. Also consider that there are heterozygotes (ApoE3/ApoE4) that fair better and homozygotes (ApoE4/ApoE4) that have the highest risk.