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Billbat1 t1_j4e5ckx wrote

hemp protein is very very good for humans too. its more effective than any other protein in the treatment of tuberculosis.

> The two main proteins in hempseed are edestin and albumin. Both of these high-quality storage proteins are easily digested and contain nutritionally significant amounts of all essential amino acids. In addition, hempseed has exceptionally high levels of the amino acid arginine. Hempseed has been used to treat various disorders for thousands of years in traditional oriental medicine.


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_j4edajh wrote

here are the groups limiting it and even though trumps terrible he still passed the legislation to get hemp flower legalized so people with epilepsy have a nonnarcotic option.


Billbat1 t1_j4eke3d wrote

the protein im talking about is in hempseed. hempseed is already legal almost everywhere.


Little_Cook t1_j4ghq8g wrote

I can’t afford decent hemp protein. Gotta ask these goats how they do it.


Herbicidal_Maniac t1_j4egz56 wrote

Ah yes, the venerable Marijuana Herald proffering another rigorous scientific study from the University of Pretoria in the legendary publication, 'Meat Science.'

Thread locked and all comments deleted in 3...2...1...


GivenAllTheFucksSry OP t1_j4ewio2 wrote

Meat Science has an impact score of 6.79 which isn't bad..


Herbicidal_Maniac t1_j4fw2ls wrote

That's actually pretty impressive for a food science journal, it looks like it's one of the best. I've seen a lot of scam journals and that's exactly what they'd name one. The joke was more about how the comments on this sub immediately go off the rails when anything cannabis related is posted.


l4mbch0ps t1_j4gr3mo wrote

Tbf, pretty much all r/science threads these days get sanitized because 85% of the top level comments are either dumb jokes, personal anecdotes, or sarcastic "oh wow, we really needed to study THIS?!?" comments.


4gotOldU-name t1_j4gcf4u wrote

Or.... A few more Hannibal Lecters hanging around the stoners.


xwing_n_it t1_j4drat6 wrote

I've always aspired to have shelf-stable meat. Starting a hemp diet today!


juxtoppose t1_j4f133c wrote

Would imagine the goats are easier to catch too.


cannamomxoxo t1_j4gri3m wrote

My flesh must be as shelf stable as twinkies at this point


WhataburgerLiberal t1_j4ephz2 wrote

Read that as “ghosts”. I was super intrigued and confused


GoblinRightsNow t1_j4fcs48 wrote

Cannabis is illegal because the government doesn't want to let us taste ghost meat.


DrTonyTiger t1_j4dz5yd wrote

Is the goat meat halal?


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_j4ecwqb wrote

>The Quran does not expressly prohibit cannabis

I got told it's ok as long as you aren't a mess or if it's medication but like all religions there are people who disagree.


Nessie t1_j4eom0p wrote

The Qur'an prohibits intoxicants.


badpeaches t1_j4f0y0r wrote

Doesn't the middle east produce the most opium in the world?


Nessie t1_j4f7bj3 wrote

I'm not here to defend the Qur'an or opium growers, if that's what you were thinking.


IpsumProlixus t1_j4gfv2k wrote

Maybe we should eat the hemp ourselves then.


babadeboopi t1_j4ft65c wrote

Paper made from hemp is less damaging to the environment but the paper industry keep working to block it becoming a thing


RAMAR713 t1_j4gzivq wrote

I've heard that hemp fiber-based clothing is more sustainable too, but the cotton industry doesn't like that.


richardlonghorn t1_j4ha1g2 wrote

I remember like 10 years ago Joe Rocket (motorcycle gear company) came out with a hemp fibre riding jacket. I saw it in person and it felt extremely durable, like a heavier-duty canvas. Would be great for work pants and stuff too.


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frupp110 t1_j4gwrnt wrote

I’m gonna connect a few dots here and say the the US states are legalizing marijuana so that cannibalistic deep state regime gets better tasting and longer lasting human meat. Or, it just makes sense because it’s safer and healthier than tobacco and alcohol. Whichev.


Bowmanguy t1_j4efy2s wrote

Dwight will be pleased to hear this.


lime-different69420 t1_j4erwwx wrote

Goat is horrid I don’t think it can be made better


Allegedly_Smart t1_j4fvnk2 wrote

A matter of taste I suppose. I personally love stewed or curried goat.


[deleted] t1_j4ffprc wrote



RAMAR713 t1_j4gzqtm wrote

We don't eat animals because they "deserve it". We eat animals because we can farm them and meat is an amazing source of nutrients.


corpjuk t1_j4h62p2 wrote

So since we can, we should decapitate goats?


RAMAR713 t1_j4hhakz wrote

I'm not an expert in the field, buy we should use whichever method is optimal for putting down the animal while trying to avoid needless suffering.


corpjuk t1_j4hhi63 wrote

Would you consider the act of putting down the animal needless?


RAMAR713 t1_j4hyyte wrote

If I intend to consume an animal's meat, then putting it down is necessary. There are methods of extracting certain organs from animals while they still live (like duck livers (foie gras), for example); I am against these practices since they generate needless suffering.


corpjuk t1_j4i0zmx wrote

So consuming animals is not necessary for survival, it was only for taste pleasure. We can make very tasty food without killing. Does your thirst for meat justify decapitating goats?


RAMAR713 t1_j4iare0 wrote

It's not just for taste pleasure. It's a great source of protein, for example, much better than any vegetable. It's a very convenient and dense source of nutrients overall. I don't see any impediments to animal slaughter as long as it's for consumption; I consider it justified.


corpjuk t1_j4ifo6g wrote

There is plenty of protein in plants such as seitan, tofu, beans, legumes. There is no need to eat meat for survival. Mass breeding and killing is wrong.


alwayslatetotheparty t1_j4get4b wrote

We should stop telling people to go watch animals get decapitated, they don't deserve it.


corpjuk t1_j4gkh9j wrote

You can be blissful all you want but it’s still happening


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fix-all-the-things t1_j4hf02h wrote

You should also stop eating bananas, quinoa, and a fairly large list of other agricultural products that are loaded with human rights abuses, human slavery, and child exploitation because they don't deserve that either.

I'm going to guess though that you're one of those people who doesn't give a good god damn about human suffering because of how obsessed you are over animal suffering. One day we will actually see people getting screamed at in public for eating a banana just like they do for meat products, but it'll probably be a while before the woke community decides humans are worth protecting.


corpjuk t1_j4hh9lb wrote

Yes we should stand up against human exploitation. There are 20,000 edible plants. You don’t have to eat bananas, quinoa, avocados, almonds, etc.

So because there is human exploitation does that justify decapitating goats?


Mindless-Day2007 t1_j4jhn0k wrote

Except there’s no place has 20,000 plants, maybe big cities and you have to visit multiple supermarkets or buy from internet.

In most places far from cities, they have only dozens edibles plants and 3 or 4 kind of animals, which feed their society for thousand years without fail except bad weathers.


New_Revenue_4_U t1_j4i4g3h wrote

we need to also stop eating basically all produce grown commercially and sold at grocery stores because of the human rights abuse TFW's receive. I bet /u/corpjuk shops at the farmers market "because its local "organic" produce. (hint: it isn't)


corpjuk t1_j4i4z4i wrote

I shop at the same stores has everyone else, I just stopped eating animals. It’s not perfect, but it’s a huge and easy change.


[deleted] t1_j4dmati wrote



FeloniousMelonballer t1_j4dqhbk wrote

Bruh they’re talking about feeding hemp plants to goats not inviting them to the smoke circle


labiamark t1_j4exz5m wrote

Stop abusing animals please


sw_faulty t1_j4e1uzf wrote

Goats are sapient beings who feel pain and fear death.


Halcyon_Rein t1_j4eh55z wrote

They are sentient. Not sapient. There is a difference


shadar t1_j4enzbf wrote

Yeah but not one that matters. Both sentient and sapient beings feel pain and don't want to die.


sottedlayabout t1_j4e2t5g wrote

They are also delicious and nutritious.


sw_faulty t1_j4e3gjm wrote

So are plant foods


sottedlayabout t1_j4e5tyv wrote

They certainly aren’t as delicious as goats but if it helps you to feel morally superior then I’m glad you enjoy it.


shadar t1_j4e8mcm wrote

Causing harm for no reason but your own pleasure is the definition of immoral behavior.


Nothingtoseeheremmk t1_j4e9ye7 wrote

By that logic we should abandon our cities and go back to living in huts with nothing given how destructive modern society is to many organisms.

Or is pleasure only a problem when it comes to food?


shadar t1_j4edeqf wrote

Abandoning cities and returning to living in huts would obviously cause considerable harm combined with how impracticable it would be.

Not eating animals is very easy and also greatly reduces unnecessary suffering.

Also i love how suggesting to not stab innocent animals in the throat is somehow comparable to abandoning modern living. Touch some grass.


Nothingtoseeheremmk t1_j4eese3 wrote

> Abandoning cities and returning to living in huts would obviously cause considerable harm combined with how impracticable it would be.

It would cause far less harm than the amount of damage wrought upon ecosystems every day by modern living. Your concern was over morality, not practicality.

> Not eating animals is very easy and also greatly reduces unnecessary suffering.

So do many societal pleasures, if not most. Are we giving those up too?

> Also i love how suggesting to not stab innocent animals in the throat is somehow comparable to abandoning modern living. Touch some grass.

You claimed it was immoral to cause harm for your own pleasure. Humans cause tremendous harm every day in pursuit of their various pleasures. Don’t make a blanket statement if you can’t defend it.


shadar t1_j4efrv0 wrote

Uh no it would cause millions if not billions of people to die from exposure and hunger.

If you're getting pleasure from some activity that requires stabbing someone else in the throat then yes, obviously, you should also stop.

Yes, it is immoral to cause unnecessary intentional and easily avoidable harm. This should be obvious.


Nothingtoseeheremmk t1_j4ehcef wrote

> Uh no it would cause millions if not billions of people to die from exposure and hunger.

And it would save trillions of innocent organisms.

> If you're getting pleasure from some activity that requires stabbing someone else in the throat then yes, obviously, you should also stop.

You understand in order to provide the real estate, electricity, infrastructure, etc needed for modern society kills far far more organisms than we consume for food right?

Every watt of electricity you consume contributes to innocent suffering in someway. It should be easy to give up most entertainment then. No one needs television, video games, etc to survive.

> Yes, it is immoral to cause unnecessary intentional and easily avoidable harm. This should be obvious.

Ok I’m glad you’re onboard with giving up most societal luxuries.


beatmaster808 t1_j4eiv3m wrote

This response is key.

We are a virus, therefore eradicating us is OK

How's that for an ethical argument?

When it comes down to it, both ethics and morals are just made up by humans anyway... and broken every day by just about everyone

And if you (anyone) think you're superior, morally or otherwise, because you don't eat meat... then you need to educate yourself further.


shadar t1_j4emdt2 wrote

Can you understand the difference between causing incidental harm by existing in modern society, and stabbing someone in the throat for taste pleasure?


Nothingtoseeheremmk t1_j4en63m wrote

How is that any different than consuming unnecessary resources that contribute to suffering?

Why is eating an animal worse than playing a video game that causes the death of an animal or another organism? Neither is necessary for survival.


shadar t1_j4enr8p wrote

Because you don't have to stab an animal to play a video game? At this point I don't think you're taking this seriously. And if you are ... if you had to stab an animal to play a video game then you shouldn't play that game.


IEatSilberCrayons t1_j4f7ytj wrote

You're missing his point.

The generation of that energy causes death. Birds killed by windmills. Habitat destruction to extract lithium, cobalt, oil, gas, coal, manganese, etc. Pollution to process that raw material into usable fuels or equipment to generate and distribute that energy. Massive amounts of destruction and death for the animals in that wake.

Notice, even so called green sources are in this category.

That's not to mention the toxic pollution generated to make the semiconductors in that video game, not the toxins that will leach out if and when it is improperly disposed of.


shadar t1_j4fq0l7 wrote

Again. Causing incidental harm by existing in modern society is unavoidable. Just because birds might die to a windmill doesn't mean using electricity is equivalent to choosing to breed, raise and slaughter birds for taste pleasure.

You're arguing that because toxins might leak from some computer component, you may as well stab puppies in the neck for the yum yums.

Around 80 billion animals are murdered every year, participation of which is perfectly avoidable by not buying their dead bodies. That's not even counting the billions more killed from habitat loss. Animal agriculture is by far the largest driver of species extinction. 80% of Amazon deforestation is from cattle farming. That's true "Massive amounts of destruction and death for the animals in that wake".

"While it is true that some birds die every year by flying into turbine towers or blades, the actual numbers are negligible."

Also, I don't see why we can't work to reduce such incidental harms where we are able.


corpjuk t1_j4i5y53 wrote

How do you think the goat feels getting it’s head cut off?


sottedlayabout t1_j4iiwmc wrote

Less pain than if it was being eaten alive by a pack of wolves. Nature is a harsh mistress and nobody makes it out of here alive.


corpjuk t1_j4imjux wrote

"goat should be butchering ready at about 8-10 months of age"

Do you think goats in the wild cannot survive longer than that?


sottedlayabout t1_j4je7x4 wrote

Do you think they all make it that long in the wild?

Nature isn’t this magical place where all the animals frolic happily through green fields and die of old age.


corpjuk t1_j4jibpv wrote

Actually yes.

“Kids are weaned after 6 months. Female goats reach sexual maturity at 1½–2½ years, males at 3½–4 years. The lifespan of a goat can be from 12 to 22 years.”

Animals do survive and have populations. We need to rewild the Earth.


Trim_Tram t1_j4e98bn wrote

I'm not a vegetarian, but it's kinda hard to argue they aren't morally superior


sottedlayabout t1_j4e9r7z wrote

Yes, because there’s no human or animal suffering associated with commercial vegetable farming.


Trim_Tram t1_j4e9udn wrote

Who said there wasn't?


sottedlayabout t1_j4eajc7 wrote

If there’s human and animal suffering in vegetable farming it makes your argument that eating vegetables is morally superior appear pretty superficial, if not completely detached from the reality of food production.


KeepAwaySynonym t1_j4ejnpj wrote

While I don't agree with people who have a chip on their shoulder and feeingl morally superior(while simultaneously admiring them for having principles they stand by and a passion they believe in)... you know that the level of deaths brought on by combines is smaller than the harm of caused by the food industry.

From needless animal suffering, to the environmental impacts, such as the Amazon rainforest being burned down for cattle ranching, there are tons of problems that come from using animals as a food source, especially in a modern society


sottedlayabout t1_j4eytpw wrote

You do know they are burning the Amazon to create arable farmland to feed their families right?

How about the fact that significantly more arable farmland will be required if we want everyone to make the “morally correct” choice to switch to a plant based diet than if we continue using animals as a food source.


Allegedly_Smart t1_j4funil wrote

>You do know they are burning the Amazon to create arable farmland to feed their families right?

Beef is an expensive commodity, and grass-fed beef is especially so. In our globalized food production network, beef raised in one place can be sold anywhere around world. The best places to raise cattle for grass-fed beef have high rainfall for faster grass growth; you can have more cattle on the same amount of land and/or can supplement their diets with less grain.

The Amazon is not being burned to make room for family farms so the people can grow food to eat; it's being burned to make way for cattle ranches, because it's a highly profitable use for that land by the capitalist class of Brazil. Brazil is the largest exporter of beef in the world.


sottedlayabout t1_j4ik1u4 wrote

So what’s your solution? Given that beef is one of Brazil’s biggest exports and the money that is generated by this production and exportation improves the lives of countless Brazilian people. Should they simply suffer and die in poverty? Morality is simple when you don’t have to actually suffer the consequences firsthand. When you can simply sit on your high horse and say “meat bad” when you drive to your local market and enjoy the privilege of being able to purchase any number of globally sourced out of season fruits and vegetables with no thought to the suffering involved in their production.


tornpentacle t1_j4fohn6 wrote just not remotely true

(The second part)

That's a ridiculous argument to make in the 21st century


sottedlayabout t1_j4ii005 wrote

And yet you seem wholly unable to actually rebut the argument.


shadar t1_j4edw5r wrote

Arguing that eating plants causes comparable deaths or suffering to eating animals demonstrates how detached you are from the reality of 'food' production.

It's not comparable. One choice minimizes suffering, the other maximizes harm.


sottedlayabout t1_j4ey4fr wrote

In your opinion

There will always be suffering. Raising animals for meat, milk and cheese doesn’t automatically equate to animal suffering or cruelty. Just as farming and plant based diets are not inherently ethical. There is a great deal of human and animal suffering and cruelty inherent in the labor required for large scale food production and distribution. Your privileged esthetic choice to eat plants is not in any way morally superior to the alternative, despite your assertion to the contrary.


shadar t1_j4f27v4 wrote

Killing animals for taste pleasure is morally equal to not killing animals for taste pleasure.

It is a privilege to not eat dead bodies for taste pleasure.

Suffering will always exist so it's okay to kill animals for taste pleasure.

Farming potatoes isn't inherently ethical so its morally equal to stabbing baby goats in the throat because their dead bodies taste nice..

That's a fantastic set of arguments you've collected. In my opinion.


corpjuk t1_j4i5vmd wrote

I love eating plants, let’s end animal abuse


beatmaster808 t1_j4ehon5 wrote


Go tell that to the lions and wolves, see how they respond to that


BCPrepper t1_j4efdbk wrote

People shouldn't be eating goats... it's evil.


sanjsrik t1_j4dnlyp wrote

So a pot publication reported on stoned goats tasting better?

How would they know?


iLoveHumanity24 t1_j4g2o7c wrote

I know when I smoke a joint with my goat and drink it's milk it always taste a little better but yeah not too sure if it's because I'm stoned it taste good or because the goat is stoned