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RAMAR713 t1_j4gzqtm wrote

We don't eat animals because they "deserve it". We eat animals because we can farm them and meat is an amazing source of nutrients.


corpjuk t1_j4h62p2 wrote

So since we can, we should decapitate goats?


RAMAR713 t1_j4hhakz wrote

I'm not an expert in the field, buy we should use whichever method is optimal for putting down the animal while trying to avoid needless suffering.


corpjuk t1_j4hhi63 wrote

Would you consider the act of putting down the animal needless?


RAMAR713 t1_j4hyyte wrote

If I intend to consume an animal's meat, then putting it down is necessary. There are methods of extracting certain organs from animals while they still live (like duck livers (foie gras), for example); I am against these practices since they generate needless suffering.


corpjuk t1_j4i0zmx wrote

So consuming animals is not necessary for survival, it was only for taste pleasure. We can make very tasty food without killing. Does your thirst for meat justify decapitating goats?


RAMAR713 t1_j4iare0 wrote

It's not just for taste pleasure. It's a great source of protein, for example, much better than any vegetable. It's a very convenient and dense source of nutrients overall. I don't see any impediments to animal slaughter as long as it's for consumption; I consider it justified.


corpjuk t1_j4ifo6g wrote

There is plenty of protein in plants such as seitan, tofu, beans, legumes. There is no need to eat meat for survival. Mass breeding and killing is wrong.