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cox_ph t1_j5u52kn wrote

Minor correction - the study found no association between nitrates and type 2 diabetes, but they did find a positive association between nitrites and type 2 diabetes.


Potential_Limit_9123 t1_j5ufmim wrote

From FFQs, which may be one of the worst ways of recording data. The most salient point: "No causal link can be established from this observational study. "


Darkhorseman81 t1_j5xywhr wrote

Not long after you posted studies of the beneficial effects of Nitrites in red beet on endurance and fitness.

P.S Nitrosamines, not nitrates. It's when processed meat is cooked at ridiculously high temperatures, they form and cause damage.

And these negative effects can be counteracted by Molybdenum Cofactor dependent Nitrate Reductases.

AKA Molybdenum deficiency is the primary driver in these cancers and diabetes.

P.S NO2 from Nitratres plays an important role in epigenetic quality control, along side H2S they regulate demethylation, transulferation pathways, deacetylation.

One day agenda driven bad science is is going to hurt somebody. Probably already has.


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Gloriathewitch t1_j5w6mnw wrote

Another day another thing that I consume daily that kills me.


utahwebfoot t1_j5tv38e wrote

The conclusion states, “…suggested that a higher exposure to
both foods and water-originated and additives-originated nitrites was
associated with higher T2D risk…”.


KetosisMD t1_j5vloto wrote

Nutritional epidemiology is a total and complete failure.

This is just another stupid example.

LINKED means Jack ****.


JoeNoble1973 t1_j5vzapv wrote

A few weeks ago they were responsible for colon cancer.


Darkhorseman81 t1_j5xzk2l wrote

A few weeks before they were linked to enhanced health and endurance in sport and lowered chances of cancer.

The thing they miss it isn't Nitrites, it's nitrosamines that occur when you cook Nitrites at ridiculously high temperatures, much higher than you need to cook meat.

And only then if you don't have enough Molybdenum Cofactor dependent Nitrite reductases. AKA Molybdenum deficiency.

You can break down Nitrites and Nitrosamines into simple old NO2 if you don't have a Molybdenum deficiency.