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katarh t1_j4hiox2 wrote

The TL;DR and ELI5 takeaway seems to be that if you give babies a variety of food, they're more likely to enjoy flavors as an adult If you give babies only bland food with no flavor, they will be less flavor motivated as an adult.


Cherimoose t1_j4jsy95 wrote

It says they crave more sugar as adults if they had lots of variety as babies. Mice, at least. This may have implications for obesity in humans.


katarh t1_j4lf3zf wrote

Speaking to modern day humans: Canned baby food is very bland - little salt or pepper - but baby formula is often full of a ton of sugar. I once heard it referred to as a "baby milkshake" by a professor complaining about how much sugar is in standard formula. Human breast milk has milk sugars in it too, but the calories are also coming from fats and proteins.