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murderedbyaname t1_j61gv9t wrote

(anecdotal, remove if not allowed). My Neurologist said it's possible for childhood abuse to show up in MRIs even through middle age. I read a study a few yrs ago about altered brain chemistry and suppressed immune response development in children who experienced even emotional and verbal abuse. The more research the better.


OrganicPumpkin9156 t1_j624aaz wrote

I've read somewhere it manifests similarly to Traumatic Brain Injury - not surprising really, if you think about it.


28thProjection t1_j62c71j wrote

Imagine having both? It’s a fun double whammy.


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j65938s wrote

The best part is it’s all invisible so no one believes it’s really an issue. Hooray!


28thProjection t1_j65f60j wrote

Oh, they try and have their cake and eat it too. If they can’t outsmart you you’re not injured, if you are injured you’re the one that hurt them, they’ve never done anything to deserve that, no wait that was supposed to trick you into stopping you’re hurting of Nazis like me OWWIE!


littlebirdblooms t1_j63v7ng wrote

Indeed it is.


OrphanDextro t1_j63wu3m wrote

Or CSB and verbal abuse. Yet, my parents just don’t understand why I might have coping mechanism problems. My condolences as well.


IamWisdom t1_j645tw3 wrote

I think I have both, a lot of days aren't fun anymore along with drug use and alcohol abuse I think was caused by it.


GayMakeAndModel t1_j62k2k0 wrote

‘The Body Keeps the Score” It’s a book someone wrote. Can’t recall the author.


dercheeseburger t1_j62lybr wrote

‘The Body Keeps the Score’ by Bessel Van Der Kolk. I read this book. It’s really good and (as a traumatised kid), I felt really sad and heavy when I realised how our minds and bodies absorb our experiences and respond accordingly, and in ways many of us don’t realise or understand.


georgelopezshowlover t1_j63j5g6 wrote

Great book. Author got fired for abusing employees though. Despite researching trauma, he didn’t mind causing some.


Somnia_sleeps t1_j63v4xb wrote

Read The Body Never Lies by Alice Miller instead. I think The Body Keeps the Score guy stole her research too.


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provisionings t1_j647jop wrote

It is.. but this latest generation of child raisers seems to have broken the cycle more than any other generation, of course kids are still abused and that is very unfortunate but parents these days do seem a lot more capable of showing love to their children. Boomer parents weren’t so much. They weren’t home ever, they were pretty much done with us as soon as we turned 18 and hardly any of them saved for college…


Chuggles1 t1_j65tpyp wrote

My brain is a potato according to this study. Correlation does not mean causation. Also can, but not definitively. Research is useful, but the stigma towards foster youth is already bad enough.


PuerhRichard t1_j65bgho wrote

Makes sense the last bit about people who are allergic to everything. They appear to be homeschooled in my experience.