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vipnikiki t1_j5tgs0c wrote

I believe it... We are supposed to get time off for doctor appointments or reduced time during the first and third trimesters to help reduce miscarriage and stillbirth risks, but instead are made to feel guilty if we ask for the time off and are pushed to do more while pregnant so we can "make up" for the "trouble" we are putting our company in when we take maternity leave after the baby comes (unless of course your company also finds a way to legally let you go before you give birth like mine did -_-)


lookylookylulu t1_j5th58p wrote

I think this was found in studies in the US as well.


tropicalturtletwist t1_j5thq7g wrote

Honest many jobs does that honestly leave out? Just about everything falls under one of those categories.


greenmachine11235 t1_j5v8sz0 wrote

I wonder if there's any difference between types of medicine and if exposure to sick potentially contagious people plays a role alongside overwork.


QuestionableAI t1_j5vcwu5 wrote

Document, document, document each and every instance, date, time, location ... take notes document at home ... whatever they say to you write it down, and ask them to memorialize what they ask, imply, or demand into a written document/email.

CYA... cover your ass,or call your attorney, I always say


EmpathyZero t1_j5wckwn wrote

My best friend is an OB/Gyn. She had her first baby in residency when she was pulling 80-90 hours per week. She worked until the day before she delivered. She also had to make up the calls she missed on maternity leave.

Her friend was still seeing patients in labor because she was on duty. She would leave a patients room to go scream through a contraction in an empty room next door. Up until an attending told her to go get admitted.

Some women can do ok working. And the OB says patients that were active and stay active have easier deliveries in general vs sedentary patients.

It makes me how the hospitals these women are working in are causing the increase. Is it chemical exposures? Poor sleep? Poor diet? It would be interesting to see what a work day in a Korean hospital is like.


25Bam_vixx t1_j5wornq wrote

Women should Post on social media any company that doesn’t support women who are Pregnant . Women have to stick together and shame companies that don’t support people having babies when Korea keeps telling people they need to have more babies. Hugs .

Co workers and company saying stuff when asking time off for doctors appointments- shame them because laws doesn’t change people social pressure should


vipnikiki t1_j5xy6xt wrote

They didn't "fire" me, they "let me go". How? It was right around the start of covid. I agreed to resign my current position at the end of February in exchange for a 4 week vacation instead of 2 (so I could visit my family in the US) and a part time position dealing with curriculum, 1-on-1 students, etc., until my baby was born and then after I got off of maternity leave until a new full-time position opened up. Signed the resignation paper and new contract and everything. But then covid hit South Korea, everything shut down, and apparently "the position isn't available anymore" and since the new position hadn't actually started, they were totally in their rights to do that. Until your contract actually starts, both parties can void it for any reason.

I was left jobless and 7 months pregnant at the beginning of covid. Couldn't get maternity pay because you have to have a job to get that. Couldn't get unemployment because you have to prove you are actively seeking employment and at that time it was impossible because... 7 months pregnant and no one would even interview me. It was a mess, but perfectly legal.

As the person below said, document EVERYTHING. If you are in Korea, you can legally record all conversations so long as your voice is heard as well, so record all conversations as well (something I didn't do). And make sure any communication you don't record is in writing. CYA is the best advice <3