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IknowKarazy t1_j4mf4zu wrote

Awesome, but let’s be frank, the bar is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench for treating people decently.


brokenwound t1_j4nq07h wrote

Frank has nothing to do with this. Leave him and the rum ham alone.


Sunstaff t1_j4pee02 wrote

Frank knows what he did. It's only fair that he now serves as a living example of a screw up.

That's why the bar is so low.


Purple_Passion000 t1_j4m6ynw wrote

Twitter more civil than YouTube?


tornpentacle t1_j4mbs1r wrote

You must not have spent much time in the comments section on YouTube. It's way worse than anything I've seen on Twitter. Although I haven't used Twitter since the recent changes, so idk how it is now.


politicaltrashfire t1_j4ncqir wrote

I'd argue that this reflects a dated perspective of YouTube. It's becoming clear that they've put significant effort into hiding comments with negative sentiment. From my perspective YouTube is now closer to being a place full of generic positivity than a dumpsterfire.


WOTDisLanguish t1_j4opb84 wrote

There's two places I've learned never to check the comments section in:

  • anything you'd see on a news channel, and
  • anything LGBT that isn't in an exclusively LGBT space

I don't know if it's just me but I've seen the worst takes I've ever seen on any social media platform there with surprising consistency and I'm pretty active online.


Deracination t1_j4pxi8z wrote

I'd expand that to just anything LGBT. The exclusively LGBT spaces tend to turn into toxic cesspools of racism and misandry. They are...very exclusive, definitely not inclusive. The Newspeak runs rampant, and anything they don't like just gets reduced to a "bad take".


WOTDisLanguish t1_j4q4ln3 wrote

Deracination I'll assume you're not acting in bad faith.

LGBT spaces aren't tolerating people who believe harassing them is an alright alternative to listening to them. If they're joining said spaces just to claim that marriage exclusively exists between a man and a woman without seeking to open a dialogue it's just harassment.

The anti-white racism, and misandry is more of a extreme left thing where they go into the realm of over correcting just to commit the same issues they were looking to fix. It exists, and I'll admit that, but LGBT spaces aren't the ones committing, or endorsing it.


Deracination t1_j4qgzdh wrote

I'm not trying to troll here, no.

I think you're right about it being mainly a far-left thing. The problem is it being exclusively an LGBT space. That sort of attitude built into a forum leads to an echo chamber gradually developing, and that sort of structure will radicalize over time. I believe it leads to exclusively LGBT spaces tending towards discrimination over time, not because of the LGBT, but because of the exclusivity.

The same thing happens in all sorts of forums. Misandry and anti-white racism are just the forms the most common ideas of the left take when meme theory radicalizes them, and LGBT people tend towards the left for obvious reasons.


WOTDisLanguish t1_j4ql5ee wrote

I agree with you there, something about stagnant water being dangerous. The best most people can do is ignore, or actively push against the radicals of any group. I'm kind of glad there's this open dialogue here, thanks for that

When I was using exclusive I meant the channels uploads being consistent with LGBT issues, they rarely upload so they don't keep their fanbases entrenched in the same ideologies so maybe that's why I'm seeing less far-left "conversations" about anti-white racism and misandry


Isocratia t1_j4o00xy wrote

At some point in 2019, Youtube deleted 500 million comments for hate speech.


katarh t1_j4q3dco wrote

You and I must not be on the same part of YouTube.

Big YouTube channels have 24/7 content moderators who keep them pretty clean, but some of the smaller channels where it's just the owner can quickly devolve into food fights while the host is asleep.


FlatulentWallaby t1_j4mo68p wrote

YouTube is a disgusting cesspool of racists, misogynistic fuckwads and just pure hate. Nothing is done about it.


could_use_a_snack t1_j4oa1xc wrote

What channels are you watching? Because that's not my experience.


snotrockit1 t1_j4pyuyg wrote

I have had a wonderful experience with YouTube. I do not comment/read comments, unless it is a tutorial video, then only to assess its accuracy.


basshead17 t1_j4mv6a8 wrote

It depends on which videos you watch I guess


FlatulentWallaby t1_j4mwdu2 wrote

Nope. Doesn't matter if it's a kids video or a science channel. There's always horrible people in the comments. That's why comments were disabled on kids videos.


marypoppindatpussy t1_j4ny06b wrote

i watch usually like educational or crafty/diy type of videos and all the comments are wholesome and positive. i once made the mistake of looking at a news video on youtube and saw the types of comments you're talking about. so the type of video does seem to matter.


FlatulentWallaby t1_j4ny8hb wrote

It's not a matter of the subject. It's a matter of the amount of views. The most controversial subject with little to no views won't have the comments. But even the most innocent video with a million views will have the comments.


GlandyThunderbundle t1_j4o58sa wrote

So then it does matter the type of videos you watch—maybe not topic, but view count. I’m good staying in lower number stuff. My experiences have generally been very positive.


P3verall t1_j4ol9uq wrote

YouTube hides and deletes rude comments. I had like 30 disappear from the section of one of my videos and they weren’t even cursing in any way.


IknowKarazy t1_j4mfh6h wrote

Twitter has idiots, youtube has idiots who try to read as little as possible to keep their brains from overheating. All comments are typed with a single finger.


Sunstaff t1_j4pfltu wrote

The same applies to any platform, the question is just where?


17th_Angel t1_j4owemx wrote

Comments can get visious, but no one cares on YouTube, except maybe the youtuber.


Excaliboss t1_j4pynhl wrote

Im more confused they are calling youtube a social media platform. Compared to the others it doesnt seem to fit.


Isocratia t1_j4qreih wrote

If you look at the graph in the article, it's two-dimensional. They plot the sites in terms of perceived incivility of others / perceived incivility of oneself.

Youtube is at the top for perceived incivility of others. It's low on perceived incivility of oneself.

This makes sense if you're just going there to watch some videos and not post comments at all, but scroll down and see some keklord ranting in the comments for some completely apolitical video.

The whole graph is rather interesting.


tiletap t1_j4nfe1b wrote

The other sites seem to promote hit-and-run commenters, whereas Reddit feels more like a community discussion for some reason.


wereplant t1_j4o7dfk wrote

Reddit has three modes of conversation: respectful discourse, jovial chaos, and BURN THE HERETICS.


fitzroy95 t1_j4op1m7 wrote

yeah, and which one you get tends to depend a lot on which subreddit you're in.


WolfResponsible8483 t1_j4po1x6 wrote

It also depends on your opinions and which subreddit you are in. In some subreddits it’s follow the herd or get destroyed - I tend to avoid those.


Jorsk3n t1_j4qdz1c wrote



All political subs, fandom subs and meme subs are like that.

NSFW subs doesn’t have that but they have their own problems like creepy comments.

Tech/science subs are okay, I guess? There it’s just important to cite sources.

Wholesome content subs are fine as well, as long as you don’t bring any negativity for obvious reasons.


wHDpVQjPu9Dkgk4FwN5T t1_j4pr1bg wrote

Indeed. Programmerhumor is pretty grown up, at least compared to pcmasterrace. Try telling the latter that windows 11 is not that bad and people will try to crucify you. Programmerhumor would probably make jokes about using Linux more than anything.


grahamster00 t1_j4mpdv0 wrote

Important to note this is a study regarding perceived incivility, the data derives from interviews and questionnaires, per the methodology:

>... After that, participants, in random order, were asked only about the specific social media platforms they indicated using, with questions covering frequency of use, different types of use, social network characteristics, and perceptions of uncivil behaviors on the platform by both self and others.

Perhaps this says more about what people of different platforms would call "incivil" and the normalization of certain behaviors as "civil" than it does anything else.


CanadianBuddha t1_j4nr47c wrote

I've found that if you set your settings in Facebook so only your friends can comment on your posts, and only Friend the people you actually know, then Facebook becomes very civil.


Intelligent-Prune-33 t1_j4oqdhb wrote

"this study paid for by reddit and instagram"


20qFgS2KZj t1_j4p6uo1 wrote

Instagram is owned by Facebook, which is better than only YouTube in the study


Storyteller-Hero t1_j4nlhr2 wrote

When you click to report someone on YouTube, the number of options they give is surprisingly low and doesn't cover everything.


Accomplished-Look-47 t1_j4obj9w wrote

Reddit is second only to Twitter in cultist activity and "discourse"


JaSper-percabeth t1_j4pwsjp wrote

Reddit is second to none in cultist activity but its second only to twitter on discourse


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Explorer335 t1_j4ozl30 wrote

Facebook and YouTube are absolutely crawling with paid trolls.


fallen_preacher t1_j4pfzkc wrote

Gentlemen, let us all raise the tea cups & take a sip...


teabagalomaniac t1_j4phyzr wrote

Instagram might not have as many contentious arguments, but it is making young girls kill themselves. So there are other metrics for toxicity.


ScrauveyGulch t1_j4pj0u8 wrote

Trolling has been a thing since people were able to respond to each other online. My personal experience has confirmed the OP, reddit does seem more civil.


gerundive t1_j4pl6lk wrote

The levels of civility experienced on any of the major social networking platforms depends on how they are used and which options are chosen.


Mangar1 t1_j4s2h6v wrote

Reddit is only on top because they didn’t count PornHub.


Cauldkiltbaws t1_j4yrquv wrote

Reddit, meanwhile, is the MOST civil


just0rdinaryguy t1_j4polv4 wrote

I guess they forgot about reddit. The worse of all.


Nickp000g t1_j4pqwgo wrote

Redditt mods just ban people that they personally dont like. I got banned from r/funny for saying “idiot” on a post. Thats not very civil. Its actually the opposite of civil. Redditt may be the least civil from my experiences.