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FlatulentWallaby t1_j4mwdu2 wrote

Nope. Doesn't matter if it's a kids video or a science channel. There's always horrible people in the comments. That's why comments were disabled on kids videos.


marypoppindatpussy t1_j4ny06b wrote

i watch usually like educational or crafty/diy type of videos and all the comments are wholesome and positive. i once made the mistake of looking at a news video on youtube and saw the types of comments you're talking about. so the type of video does seem to matter.


FlatulentWallaby t1_j4ny8hb wrote

It's not a matter of the subject. It's a matter of the amount of views. The most controversial subject with little to no views won't have the comments. But even the most innocent video with a million views will have the comments.


GlandyThunderbundle t1_j4o58sa wrote

So then it does matter the type of videos you watch—maybe not topic, but view count. I’m good staying in lower number stuff. My experiences have generally been very positive.