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Upbeat-Many813 t1_j4pzj4h wrote

How are the oligosaccharides making their way to breast milk? Are people eating more diverse diets in greener urban environments?


jtaustin64 t1_j4q5xg1 wrote

Or is it that people with more wealth are more likely to live in greener urban areas?


Vescape-Eelocity t1_j4qetrs wrote

The article says the results were independent of socioeconomic status, so they apparently controlled for that, but I'm still a bit suspicious too because we already know that wealth literally improves every aspect of a person's life already.

I think I'd have a fair amount of skepticism unless they proved the direct causal relationship, or maybe if they were still able to find the same correlation when looking at poor rural families and wealthy inner city families without many green areas (I feel like this is rare for wealthy people, but it does exist). I feel like controlling for things like diet, exercise, etc would be extremely difficult in that case too.


mydogisacloud t1_j4qpfz8 wrote

AllI know is I live in a very socio economic diverse suburb city with lots of greenery. The Pacific Northwest is pretty green everywhere and the suburbs always felt like forest cities.


Bulzeeb t1_j4ssxiv wrote

Let's keep in mind that the study was only testing for something very specific (the diversity of HMOs), not for any direct benefits or general wellness like the press release article speculates. So the question isn't "should we expect rich people to have this good thing" (not actually tested), but rather, "should we expect rich people to be more likely to be exposed to areas with high biodiversity and low human impact", which were the main factors linked to HMO diversity. Which isn't necessarily the case.


eboeard-game-gom3 t1_j4qnlcb wrote

If only there was something posted that you could read.


jtaustin64 t1_j4r08vo wrote

Read? I am a Reddit user, sir. I make judgments on articles based on the title alone!


johno_mendo t1_j4qrrz7 wrote

or is it that they are exposed to less air pollution?


[deleted] t1_j4rj50b wrote



Surfercatgotnolegs t1_j4t7wmt wrote

No lie, I’m pretty sick of this too. Every single research article is “but what about wealth??”.

In the comments below, people keep guessing that maybe it’s because richer people eat better food. Even tho food has NOTHING to do with this topic!!

Like sure, hate the rich all you want, but at this point it’s become an excuse for folks to get out of responsible decision making.

There’s plenty that can be done to improve your life or the life of your child. One example, as implied by this research, is to be out in nature more. Even poor people have access to nature. Stop this ridiculousness folks.


KamovInOnUp t1_j4rsi4r wrote

It would help if the title wasn't clearly misleading bait.

Of course people exposed to more environmental factors would develop immunities to those factors. They intentionally word the title to make it seem like urban sprawls are inherently harmful to humans.


Maxion t1_j4qkpeo wrote

A lot of the oligosaccharides are actually produced by your body.