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PrincessSandySparkle t1_j4qbxgw wrote


whenitsTimeyoullknow t1_j4qyara wrote

More moxie, a refined taste for pizza, knowledgeable on driving aggressively or defensively, heightened tolerance for crowds and smells.


UDK450 t1_j4tb3m6 wrote

Heightened tolerance for smells? Go to rural farm land where we get to smell fertilizer all the time, and sometimes you even learn the difference between cow/pig and turkey fertilizer based on the smell.


maxximii t1_j4qycsi wrote

I'd be interested to know if there even are any benefits. I honestly can't think of any.


ommnian t1_j4rf95f wrote

As someone living in a very rural area, I wish fervently that my kids were growing up in a more diverse community. I love where we live. But, I hate that their school has... Idk, maybe a half dozen non-white people in it.


Planqtoon t1_j4s5hrs wrote

Probably tons of useful social skills, better intellectual development, bigger chance to earn a fair wage.


JoeWhy2 t1_j4scjv2 wrote

If you look at Google maps on satellite view, try zooming in on the darker spots in urban areas. You'll find that the darker spots are in fact greener and have much larger and more affluent houses than the lighter areas. It's a "thing".