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creamonbretonbussy t1_j4qfj63 wrote

I wonder how this is reflected in colder climates, arid climates, and overdeveloped cities where there's much less exposure to greenery.


mydogisacloud t1_j4qpuo4 wrote

For colder climates, when it is good weather everyone seems to make going outside and enjoying it more of a priority than places with fairer climates. Everyone gets intense green exposure in a shorter amount of time.


creamonbretonbussy t1_j4qqxth wrote

Now I wonder what effects short but intense exposures have when compared to less intense but more frequent exposures.


Alrik t1_j4ralkd wrote

Minnesotan here.

If you declare cold and snow to be bad weather and stay inside for half of the year you're going to be miserable.

The only way to get through is to make the best of it and find ways to enjoy the outdoors in every season.


mydogisacloud t1_j4rrzhb wrote

I suppose good weather was a wrong choice of words. I love snow activities and hiking all year. I was more picturing the amount of dining al fresco, picnics, family gatherings outside with bbqs, lazy long forest walks, and all such activities that are pleasant in warm and sunny conditions surrounded by spring/summer greenery.


readreadreadonreddit t1_j4s7zbw wrote

Agreed. No small bit is cognitive framing and attitude/resilience/being able to see good in everything.


Bulzeeb t1_j4srdoe wrote

The research article cites two specific indexes they tested as being linked to oligosaccharide diversity, the Simpson's Diversity Index of Vegetation Cover, which measures diversity of vegetation, and the Naturalness Index, which measures "how much human impact and intervention there has been in the residential area".

So those areas would likely be less conducive to oligosaccharide diversity since drier, colder, and more developed areas tend to have less biodiversity, though you'd have to check specific locales with the above indices to have a better idea.


creamonbretonbussy t1_j4t9zw2 wrote

Thank you very much. Drunk rn, making a note to research those further in the morning.

Edit: further, morning