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0range_julius t1_j4qzjkq wrote


Jahkral t1_j4reret wrote

The mind of the HOA enforcer is a twisted and warped place defined by technicalities and a blurry aspirational picture of white 1950's suburbia.


Ragfell t1_j4rffw4 wrote

Tall grasses/meadow flowers encourage other kinds of pests (like snakes, opossums, and rats) to live near your home. You ultimately don’t want them that close, because they can come inside (my mom had a snake in her house last year).

I keep a front yard of grass (also easier for some lawn games), but have garden beds for native plants. Healthy compromise.


Claughy t1_j4s34oo wrote

Snakes and possums aren't pests, they keep pests away.


sparklezpotatoes t1_j4sbr72 wrote

and as for rats, cats will keep them out of the home and theyre very skittish. a child playing in a yard of wildflowers and native plants probably wont come into contact with any of those "pests." to the person youre replying to: not all native plant meadows are tall grass and flowers, either. think clover!


seridos t1_j4snim3 wrote

Yes they are, a pest is literally defined by being unwanted. If someone doewnt want them there and they are, they are a pest from their perspective.


Claughy t1_j4sqd25 wrote

Pest is usually defined by being injurious to property, health, or crops. They don't fit the bill and basic human activity will keep them from taking up residence 9 times out of 10, long grass or no.


jimmifli t1_j4rjdy4 wrote

Walking barefoot on grass in the summer is such a beautiful sensory experience. Outside of that I prefer just about everything else.


spacelama t1_j4rnp8d wrote

I did that yesterday after a rainstorm following a godawful hot day. I was surprised at how it felt.