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Scioso t1_j4rl6y9 wrote

Not a doctor, nor anyway an expert in children.

I’d say right now it’s nothing to worry about, and may end up being practically irrelevant.

This is a new study, with a mainly unexplained mechanism (the breakdown of why things happen the way they do).

It will be years before any meaningful result filters out to a layperson.

Even if this is actually useful knowledge (seems like it might be), it very likely will be rolled into another theory/ used to confirm something else.

In ten years you’ll probably see a litany of products on the shelves that advertise providing the same thing as actual nature. Likely, they will all be varying degrees of ineffective.

However, as a scientist, this is a big step BECAUSE of what it could help to happen. Science is a ton of confirming ideas that are pretty much solved, so things like this are interesting.