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Evianicecubes t1_j4t09mz wrote

I’m too lazy to look it up, is this applied intravenously and changes all cells it encounters, or just injected directly into the target tissue?


Luziferatus42 t1_j4ulgyd wrote

Simple answer. It can be made to target specific cell types. But like in nature, there is probability distribution, a small chance for errors is always present.

But again, if the change happens in the wrong cell type, it can perhaps be neglected, because the changed gene sequence is not "used" in this type of cell.

Life is a very complex systems, wich is ultimately build on the sequence of just four molecules. This sequence is the "memory" (in the therm of computer science) of life. Like we use 0/1 for digital memory of informations.

I find it fascinating. Wish you well.


GamemasterAI t1_j4tmcgj wrote

Probbaly targeting mesenchymal stem cells, the pluripotent precursor to cardiovacular cells.