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solarmist t1_j4qw2z1 wrote

Sleep study. 30% of People in the study can replace prescription sleep medication with cannabis use.


unicornpicnic t1_j4r42uj wrote

I have insomnia and cannabis works better than any medication I’ve taken, and I don’t get drowsy the next day.


songgoishtar t1_j4rbm5c wrote

I wish it worked for me. It doesn't


homemadestoner t1_j4ruacc wrote

This will sound like total stoner-bro talk, but maybe consider a different strain, or something with 1:2 or higher CBD ratio. Any decent bud-tender should be able to help you out.

If you are purchasing though less-legal means, see if your guy has something "indica-heavy".

If you know someone who grows and is willing to share, I have found that the best sleepy-time buds are the ones left on the plant a bit longer before harvesting than is typical. The tricomes will go from clear (too early) to cloudy (peak) to amber in color. If you can get some buds picked at like 70% cloudy/30% amber, you will be in for a great night of sleep.


Specialist_Carrot_48 t1_j4tbri7 wrote

I would actually consider asking about CBN. That is much better at inducing sleep than any other cannibinoids I've tried.

Edit: you can get the isolate pretty cheap online. Try vivimu or similar. Mix into MCT oil or some oil. Or dab it with a rig. Quick and easy relaxation and sleepiness


kmhuey t1_j4tcoul wrote

This is good advice. As the trichomes oxidize, they have a tendency to make you sleepy. It's not even a special strain it's just harvested later.


St3vion t1_j4urwgq wrote

The reason overripe buds are sleep inducing is higher levels of CBN not CBD!!


iiJokerzace t1_j4rd46q wrote

I love cannabis and use it for pain, however I can't sleep with most strains of cannabis. Keeps me thinking.

There needs to be more study on cannabis as imo they can give you different effects depending on the levels of THC and CBD and what kind of terpenes are in the bud.


Jasoli53 t1_j4sg49m wrote

My brain runs wild and causes me anxiety, which is why I started listening to podcasts and getting stoned in order to sleep. Keeps me relaxed, and helps me tune out my thoughts


AdLeading3217 t1_j4s8ok1 wrote

Different stains definitely have different effects on me. But a couple hours after I smoke and begin that comedown phase, I usually always get sleepy. Even if it was more of a sativa strain that initially sent my thoughts racing.


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4sr5pp wrote

Check out Alpha-Stim. It's a non medication, non invasive treatment. It even has a cumulative effect. Depending on your country, it may or may not be covered by insurance. But it is worth every dollar. But for the machine and the money saved in drugs/prescriptions.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j4tq32g wrote

All strains wake me up. No exceptions. Even that CBN stuff keeps me up.


0rd0abCha0 t1_j4vtrt2 wrote

For sleep you want 'old' cannabis. The THC 'degrades' into CBN which is the sleep inducing cannabinoid. Air and light will help you create your sleepy smoking


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4sqron wrote

Check out Alpha-Stim. This is a non medication, non invasive treatment for insomnia. Depending on your country it may or may not be covered by insurance. And the price can vary. But it's worth every dollar.

In the meantime have you tried the 4 count breathing technique? I rarely have insomnia but this works like a charm for me. I sometimes don't even get through the complete 4th cycle before I'm asleep.


justalittleparanoia t1_j4t0guc wrote

I used to take benzodiazepines for sleep or just straight up Benadryl. It was a nightly thing and I'd feel so awful the next day. I switched to edible gummies with THC and sometimes with CBN and have been able to completely get off the benzos. No, I didn't do it cold turkey and this was a few months ago. I'd MUCH rather take the edible gummies than a benzo or a sleep aid any day.


crisprcas32 t1_j4shjzo wrote

I’m guessing you don’t experience the next-day brain fog either. Which tells me you were already a pothead like the rest of us. People new to cannabis that begin treatment with THC stay high-ish for days and often don’t enjoy that brain fog and how it impacts their day to day, memory, and recall skills. Unless of course you were just talking CBD or microdosing the THC.


TheCannaZombie t1_j4vgr9q wrote

Yeah man. I’m all aboard the cannabis boat.

Before I retire from the military I was taking about 7 medications for pain and sleep. Weed replaced them all. No back pain killers. No 15mg ambien. It’s a wonder plant.


GamemasterAI t1_j4tkdog wrote

I found one strain once that i lost the name of (wasn't any of the normal ones and probaly had specfic grow conditons) that put me to sleep over my meds, i haven't found any strain that works for my insomnia sense.


MentallyFunstable t1_j4uzuwr wrote

Unfortunately I wake up occasionally with like a weird hangover like thing where my head is like heavy or just a bit harder to hold up and i feel a bit disoriented with some slight dizziness and minor headache but its 9001% better than straight up nausea where I feel like I have a sinus infection and flu when I try to sleep without any meds. Even staying hydrated doesn't seem to be very helpful for these hangover things it may just be poor sleep even with the cannabis which results in it. Totally worth it occasionally imo


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frijole420 t1_j4rjtln wrote

I'm a daily toker, for about 25 years now. I also sleep well and dream most nights. I know this is just anecdotal, but it's how it is for me. And man do I be dreaming


NoGoodInThisWorld t1_j4sbfnb wrote

I smoked heavily for 20 years. I don't remember dreaming when I was imbibing that heavily. Maybe it happened and I didn't remember it, but I can't be sure. Just remember heavy, deep sleep.

I quit due to depression/anxiety issues that it was starting to exacerbate, as well as I needed a new job. The first 45-ish days were filled with absolutely vivid and disturbing dreams, often about events that had occured years ago.

Currently on day 498. I think about picking it up again socially now that I live in a legal state, but don't really want to break my streak.


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4srstb wrote

You could check into Alpha-Stim as an alternative. Depending where you live you may need a prescription but shouldn't be hard to obtain. And of course, it's not covered by insurance in the US. But worth every dollar. I'm on my second one.


-downtone_ t1_j4soz52 wrote

To further your anecdote, I've mentioned it before, but I recorded myself sleeping for about a year due to REM behavior disorder. I act out my dreams due to having a higher electrical output than atony resists normally. Means I could easily see when dreaming and when not. Short of it, it did not stop my dreaming nor my REM behavior disorder. If it stopped REM, it would be a solution for this, also common in Parkinsons but due to different reasons.


Mrfrednot t1_j4rve1d wrote

I too use it for sleep. I make a tea (little lump of weed in water, add small amount of butter and boil for 15 minutes, sift the weed out, let is cool and drink). After an hour or so I can sense it working and after 2 hours I am off to bed. The buzz can last hours. I use Amnesia for sleep and rarely dream but it works great. It sometimes lingers a bit the next morning. If you do not mind me asking, what is your recommendation?


frijole420 t1_j4s7b16 wrote

I actually just dry herb vape it, or use a dab pen. I'll take an edible for those nights where I'm just exhausted and need to sleep the whole night through. The beauty of dry herb vapes is I hit it till the flavors gone, then it's decarbed, and I just pop the herb like a pill. Instant edible, if you will. It does take a while to kick in, but it does sometime throughout the night. Best sleep ever. I'm gonna have to try your tea butter, I did try it with tea but I don't feel it worked, but I chalked it up to not being active bud. But add the butter.........


Dexdog321 t1_j4rs1m7 wrote

This is what found and was backed up by my Garmin watch when I used cannabis to sleep. Tons of deep sleep almost zero REM.


skyluna411 t1_j4s2boa wrote

True. I never dream when I take cannabis for sleep.


ahfoo t1_j4uhgxd wrote

You don't remember dreaming. There is a difference.


clhamala t1_j4su40s wrote

I dont know how accurate activity tracker bands are for actually giving correct sleep activity measurements, but my wife and I( shes a heavy smoker and Im a non smoker) get approximately equal sleep scores nightly including percent of light/ heavy/ and REM sleep. I have a much quicker time falling asleep though, according to the bands.


ahfoo t1_j4uhf1t wrote

Cannabis use reduces dreaming but it does not usually completely prevent it. It's important to remember that THC is only a partial agonist of the cannabinoid receptors. It doesn't completely block them in the way heroin can block off endorphin receptors or methamphetamine can block off dopamine receptors. So it's unlikely that you can pin any dramatic effects from THC like complete cessation of all dreams when it is only partially affecting its receptors. A partial reduction is far more likely than a total prevention of dreaming because of the partial agonist nature.

You need to keep in mind that there is enormous bias against cannabis due to the hysteria of the War on Drugs that continues until this very day. Claims about its dangers and downsides are heavily exaggerated and need to be taken in the context of the political hysteria that surrounds the substance.


St3vion t1_j4us4mz wrote

Reduces time spent in REM sleep*.


AsphaltAdvertExec t1_j4rgtq9 wrote

Well, outside of any study, my wife uses THC to lower her blood pressure, something Azor and the like were never able to do very well and brought along debilitating back pain.

So, we stick with the THC for blood pressure now.


[deleted] t1_j4rujd5 wrote

That's awesome, does eating it offer any greater degree of relief?


AsphaltAdvertExec t1_j4v8zfe wrote

Yes, she takes indica 10 mg gel-caps.

Vape for convenience and bud for bad panic attacks.


[deleted] t1_j4vamtp wrote

Ah... interesting. Those gel caps work wonders. THC is metabolized by the liver when orally consumed and there it's converted into 11-hydroxy-THC; which is almost molecularly identical to psilocybin. It's a MUCH, MUCH more powerful high. Ingesting 100mg is sufficient in most people to achieve mild psychedelic effects.


bannacct56 t1_j4sfdog wrote

It was actually a study done for pain medicine and the numbers were actually very similar


Demoire t1_j4skdpj wrote

I sleep better with marijuana but I’ve seen reseaech that shows marijuana inhibits proper REM sleep and so the sleep we do get is actually poorer quality. Over time, if I’m remembering correctly, it was found to be correlated with negative things as opposed to remaining helpful or neutral.

I use marijuana concentrate every day - not too much, it’s for sure reasonable - and to sleep, and can’t say I’ve noticed any negative effects after a couple years so far.


ahfoo t1_j4uhll1 wrote

Be careful of those negative correlations. There is a huge anti-cannabis political agenda that is still going strong. As you yourself put it, you have not noticed any negative effects. Why would you assume that there must be some downside?


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4sudwk wrote

You could research Alpha-Stim as an alternative. Yes, it's a prescription, and yes, insurance doesn't cover it, but for what it does and the cumulative effects, it is worth the money. I've used Alpha-Stim for >12 years. I paid for it myself on a fixed income because I knew how important it was for my recovery from my car accident and for the symptoms of my other medical conditions I developed following it. It helped decrease the number of medications I need to take.


Mofiremofire t1_j4rnvdf wrote

I use it to help me sleep. Without it I toss and turn a lot. I’ve broken my spine and 7 ribs and normally i wake up in discomfort and have to reposition every few hours.


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4ssm3q wrote

You can also check into Alpha-Stim. This little baby works wonders for both pain and insomnia as well as Depression and Anxiety. And its effects are cumulative! It's not a medication and its non invasive. If in the US, it's not covered by insurance but worth every dollar. I'm on a fixed income and on my second one. Wore my 1st one so much I broke a wire. The design has been changed so this can't happen again.


Mofiremofire t1_j4st5cz wrote

I have a biowave that I occasionally use, I got mine for free luckily.


Medit8or t1_j4sidlt wrote

I wish it had worked for me. I just got mind fog that lasted for a few days


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4st127 wrote

Check out Alpha-Stim. It could be a game changer. Or a sleep changer. really. Worth every cent. It's a prescription non invasive small machine that is completely different from what you expect.


jaydubyah t1_j4u2a0g wrote

Conclusions: It seems that regular cannabis use, despite contributing to problems related to sleep quality or dependence, does not have a negative impact on public health in a manner detectable using health indicators.


the_colonelclink t1_j4uchnf wrote

Just want to say - it works great, but smoke enough of it and try to quit and find out insomnia is one of the most challenging withdrawal symptoms. I tried it for this reason and found it left me either addicted or in a much worse insomnia state trying to quit.

It also destroys your REM. So your quality of sleep is no where near as good as pulling it off sober.

DYOR just a perspective from someone with an addictive personality.


Antisocialite99 t1_j4spmtb wrote

You could also replace prescription sleep medicine with nothing and be better off. Those meds disrupt your sleep cycle to create dependency on them.


wsumner t1_j4r79ya wrote

Anecdotally, as a dispensary worker, I have spoken to countless patients that have quit prescription pain medication because of cannabis. Limited study or not, I see the every day benefits.


0rd0abCha0 t1_j4vu6in wrote

Cannabis oil helped many people at my dispensary dramatically reduce their use of Oxytocin (these were legit severe pain patients - though I worked with a cannabis company that donated edibles to a safe injection site, and anecdotally it seemed to help users with their withdrawal symptoms and to give them a greater period between using).


SrfWavLif t1_j4rnezw wrote

Had a kidney removed. If it wasn’t for weed I wouldn’t have survived. At 25 my blood pressure meds were stronger than my 80yr old gramma. Up the dosage of THC and was able to quit the BP meds.. kept my appetite going when I wasn’t able to keep things down.. it also helped me to quit drinking alcohol. Yay weed


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4sumte wrote

Good thing you stopped the alcohol. Kinda hard on the body. Glad to hear you're doing well.


EconomistPunter t1_j4qvw8h wrote

There is consistent evidence that cannabis (marijuana and CBD) substitutes for opioids.

But the impacts are much smaller in magnitude than this survey.

Edit: these numbers are implausibly high for extrapolation to the general public.


Alert-Potato t1_j4ri5cq wrote

Every individual who has tried cannabis to replace a prescription medication is just another anecdote, but there's a hell of a lot of us anecdotes or would be anecdotes out here.

I've done the at home test to see if I could replace meds with cannabis. If I could get a reliable, strain specific local source (or if I got suddenly rich so I could afford it legally) I could sleep like the dead without any of the weird sleep drug side effects in the morning and be entirely opioid free. This would replace two meds. It would also clear up a handful of medical problems caused by the opioids.

Cannabis improves lives. And I'm really enjoying seeing more and more science that is bringing this from anecdotes to scientifically proven.


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4sxc4q wrote

This is the same for the medical device, Alpha-Stim. Because (or at least until recently) any results were only anecdotal, insurance companies have refused to pay for coverage. Yet, the machine works so well that a few years back (during the start of the Opioid crisis), several pharmaceutical companies tried to get the FDA to pull it. Why? Because Alpha-Stim helps to relieve symptoms relating to Insomnia, Anxiety. Depression, and Pain. All the medications in these categories being impacted by one small machine that had it start back in the VA Hospitals around the 70's.

Of course, the Pharmaceutical companies were getting worried. If Opioids were losing their footing, what other big money makers might start going down in a domino effect?

Now that studies are being done, including brain scans that show actual brain changes, Alpha-Stim can start gaining a real foothold as a complementary resource for people who need it.


TA_faq43 t1_j4r2hiz wrote

I can see this adding fuel to the rumors that Big Pharma doesn’t want legalization because it’s cheaper (possibly home grown) alternative to their lock on the market.


[deleted] t1_j4r3e5g wrote



Salutatorian t1_j4rdskv wrote

Medical cannabis companies even lobby against legalization because it would undermine many state sanctioned monopolies


Jasoli53 t1_j4shmvq wrote

Business is gonna business…

I wish lobbying didn’t exist. Essentially entire industries bribing politicians to act on their behalf. Obvious conflicts of interest/monopolizing…

At least it’s legal in my state, and I’m going to start growing in the spring so I can save $200/mo instead of buying from a dispensary


Viperbunny t1_j4smqsy wrote

It has saved my life. I have chronic pain from several autoimmune disorders. Basically, being abused has caused my body to eat itself and it sucks. I was so anti pot. I thought it was the worst. I am sure if you go through my early post history you would find it. I believed all the bad. Then I go desparate.

I can't take NSAIDS, but I can take CBD. It does help my inflammation. I take THC at night for pain and cPTSD. I went from being basically a nervous shut in to being a much happier person. I am a better mom and wife. I started driving for the first time in .y adult life (after years of anxiety). I have been in therapy as well, and my therapist is amazing. He, too, has saved my life. Currently, I am sick. I don't know if it is the stomach bug or food poisoning, but it is bad. Pot has made it so I finally stopped throwing up.


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4syepq wrote

I'm glad you found something to help. Look into EMDR for your PTSD. This was extremely helpful for mine. Have your therapist check into Alpha-Stim, too. This may be something that could be helpful. (I have CP, too along with FM & CF)

If it's Food poisoning, it's usually coming out both ends. Stomach bug - usually one or the other. Be sure to drink plenty of water or Pedialyte if it lasts too many days.

Hopefully you're feeling better soon.


Viperbunny t1_j4t2iyo wrote

Thanks. Sadly, both ends. I joke that I thought being an adult meant getting to eat cake and stay up late. What it really meant was grabbing a puke bucket, putting on some depends and driving my kids to school! Luckily, I am starting to keep down fluids. I have two kitty nurses and a husband who keeps me supplied in soup and water.


emogirl94 t1_j4rpkdc wrote

The 3 most dangerous drugs in America are all legal drugs: cigarettes/opioids/alcohol...why isn't Marijuana legal when it offers so many benefits with such little danger?


skyluna411 t1_j4s308e wrote

Sounds like some people are scared that cannabis will put legal drugs out of business.


Jasoli53 t1_j4sh38t wrote

Lobbying. Cannabis is effective as a sleep aid, anti depressant/anxiety, pain medication, recreational drug, among many other things. If it were fully legal and people were aware of it as a substitute to many of the things I listed above, those industries would lose billions of dollars a year. So they have a huge incentive to kick some money toward politicians as endorsements/donations, so the politicians act on their behalf, which is shooting down any federal bill to fully legalize it.


Cons1dy t1_j4tduef wrote

Saying weed has such little danger is not true. I think weed should be legal also but the misconception it's healthy or not unhealthy is dangerous, at least for people under 25


WillBigly t1_j4rcb4q wrote

Tfw weed way better than many pharma drugs, but god forbid people have some peace/freedom, they they wouldn't go work in the mines as much


KrishnaMage t1_j4s4ymi wrote

I wish cannabis and shrooms were legal in Australia. I was use them medicinally.


Jasoli53 t1_j4si986 wrote

As someone who recently started microdosing and will start growing shrooms, it’s fantastic for overall mood boost, energy, anti anxiety… look into the law surrounding psilocybin and such. A lot of places here in the US outlaw consumption and sales of grown mushrooms, but I’m legally allowed to purchase spores/mycelium to grow myself, which is what I plan to do


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4sxpsj wrote

In the meantime check into Alpha-Stim. You need a prescription but insurance should cover it in the UK.


ohmygoshbutwhy t1_j4u6doa wrote

I suffer from fibromyalgia, so I'm able to get prescription Cannabis in Australia.

I was able to ditch 4 daily prescription medication AND an anti-depressant that I'd been on for close to 15 years. All of which had less than desirable side effects.

My quality of life has never been better. I honestly wish that I knew about it sooner!

The only side effect I get is the feeling of "getting high" sometimes from the oil, I switched to smoking the flower and no issues at all!

Freaking amazing.


Grjaryau t1_j4sjt2t wrote

I used to take adderall for ADHD and it worked great but due to a heart issue, I can no longer take stimulants. There are certain strains of cannabis that if I use in small amounts, help me focus better than the adderall ever did. I don’t even have to use enough to feel high. A little puff with my dry herb vape and I’m good.


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skyluna411 t1_j4s258q wrote

The pharmaceutical world will never tolerate this.


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_j4tzzzq wrote

Big pharma and the alcohol lobbies are what stymies cannabis legalization at the federal level.


LingeringHumanity t1_j4u2tqq wrote

Why lobbyist fought so hard to keep it illegal. Plus all that free slave labor for locking people up for it.


nokia_guy t1_j4ui4nj wrote

Why is there this idea that prescription medications are worse than cannabis?


samanime t1_j4viixl wrote

And this, my friends, is why cannabis use has been illegal for so long.

It started out with the paper baron, but then the medical industry has kept the lobbying effort up for the last while. That and the foolish "war on drugs".


DamonFields t1_j4rfcfh wrote

Big pharma will put a stop to this!