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frijole420 t1_j4rjtln wrote

I'm a daily toker, for about 25 years now. I also sleep well and dream most nights. I know this is just anecdotal, but it's how it is for me. And man do I be dreaming


NoGoodInThisWorld t1_j4sbfnb wrote

I smoked heavily for 20 years. I don't remember dreaming when I was imbibing that heavily. Maybe it happened and I didn't remember it, but I can't be sure. Just remember heavy, deep sleep.

I quit due to depression/anxiety issues that it was starting to exacerbate, as well as I needed a new job. The first 45-ish days were filled with absolutely vivid and disturbing dreams, often about events that had occured years ago.

Currently on day 498. I think about picking it up again socially now that I live in a legal state, but don't really want to break my streak.


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4srstb wrote

You could check into Alpha-Stim as an alternative. Depending where you live you may need a prescription but shouldn't be hard to obtain. And of course, it's not covered by insurance in the US. But worth every dollar. I'm on my second one.


-downtone_ t1_j4soz52 wrote

To further your anecdote, I've mentioned it before, but I recorded myself sleeping for about a year due to REM behavior disorder. I act out my dreams due to having a higher electrical output than atony resists normally. Means I could easily see when dreaming and when not. Short of it, it did not stop my dreaming nor my REM behavior disorder. If it stopped REM, it would be a solution for this, also common in Parkinsons but due to different reasons.


Mrfrednot t1_j4rve1d wrote

I too use it for sleep. I make a tea (little lump of weed in water, add small amount of butter and boil for 15 minutes, sift the weed out, let is cool and drink). After an hour or so I can sense it working and after 2 hours I am off to bed. The buzz can last hours. I use Amnesia for sleep and rarely dream but it works great. It sometimes lingers a bit the next morning. If you do not mind me asking, what is your recommendation?


frijole420 t1_j4s7b16 wrote

I actually just dry herb vape it, or use a dab pen. I'll take an edible for those nights where I'm just exhausted and need to sleep the whole night through. The beauty of dry herb vapes is I hit it till the flavors gone, then it's decarbed, and I just pop the herb like a pill. Instant edible, if you will. It does take a while to kick in, but it does sometime throughout the night. Best sleep ever. I'm gonna have to try your tea butter, I did try it with tea but I don't feel it worked, but I chalked it up to not being active bud. But add the butter.........


Dexdog321 t1_j4rs1m7 wrote

This is what found and was backed up by my Garmin watch when I used cannabis to sleep. Tons of deep sleep almost zero REM.


skyluna411 t1_j4s2boa wrote

True. I never dream when I take cannabis for sleep.


ahfoo t1_j4uhgxd wrote

You don't remember dreaming. There is a difference.


clhamala t1_j4su40s wrote

I dont know how accurate activity tracker bands are for actually giving correct sleep activity measurements, but my wife and I( shes a heavy smoker and Im a non smoker) get approximately equal sleep scores nightly including percent of light/ heavy/ and REM sleep. I have a much quicker time falling asleep though, according to the bands.


ahfoo t1_j4uhf1t wrote

Cannabis use reduces dreaming but it does not usually completely prevent it. It's important to remember that THC is only a partial agonist of the cannabinoid receptors. It doesn't completely block them in the way heroin can block off endorphin receptors or methamphetamine can block off dopamine receptors. So it's unlikely that you can pin any dramatic effects from THC like complete cessation of all dreams when it is only partially affecting its receptors. A partial reduction is far more likely than a total prevention of dreaming because of the partial agonist nature.

You need to keep in mind that there is enormous bias against cannabis due to the hysteria of the War on Drugs that continues until this very day. Claims about its dangers and downsides are heavily exaggerated and need to be taken in the context of the political hysteria that surrounds the substance.


St3vion t1_j4us4mz wrote

Reduces time spent in REM sleep*.