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iiJokerzace t1_j4rd46q wrote

I love cannabis and use it for pain, however I can't sleep with most strains of cannabis. Keeps me thinking.

There needs to be more study on cannabis as imo they can give you different effects depending on the levels of THC and CBD and what kind of terpenes are in the bud.


Jasoli53 t1_j4sg49m wrote

My brain runs wild and causes me anxiety, which is why I started listening to podcasts and getting stoned in order to sleep. Keeps me relaxed, and helps me tune out my thoughts


AdLeading3217 t1_j4s8ok1 wrote

Different stains definitely have different effects on me. But a couple hours after I smoke and begin that comedown phase, I usually always get sleepy. Even if it was more of a sativa strain that initially sent my thoughts racing.


Jazzlike-Principle67 t1_j4sr5pp wrote

Check out Alpha-Stim. It's a non medication, non invasive treatment. It even has a cumulative effect. Depending on your country, it may or may not be covered by insurance. But it is worth every dollar. But for the machine and the money saved in drugs/prescriptions.