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emogirl94 t1_j4rpkdc wrote

The 3 most dangerous drugs in America are all legal drugs: cigarettes/opioids/alcohol...why isn't Marijuana legal when it offers so many benefits with such little danger?


skyluna411 t1_j4s308e wrote

Sounds like some people are scared that cannabis will put legal drugs out of business.


Jasoli53 t1_j4sh38t wrote

Lobbying. Cannabis is effective as a sleep aid, anti depressant/anxiety, pain medication, recreational drug, among many other things. If it were fully legal and people were aware of it as a substitute to many of the things I listed above, those industries would lose billions of dollars a year. So they have a huge incentive to kick some money toward politicians as endorsements/donations, so the politicians act on their behalf, which is shooting down any federal bill to fully legalize it.


Cons1dy t1_j4tduef wrote

Saying weed has such little danger is not true. I think weed should be legal also but the misconception it's healthy or not unhealthy is dangerous, at least for people under 25