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atremblein t1_j52tm5s wrote

There is no logical link between these two correlations... "Results show that a quantifiable and meaningful portion of COVID-19 vaccine side-effects is predicted by vaccine hesitancy, demonstrating that side-effects comprise a psychosomatic nocebo component in vaccinated individuals. " My friend went to the hospital after her vaccine and she thought vaccines were good and would help her!

Obviously, if something happens and there is a statistical relation then that doesn't necessarily cause such an outcome. That this is even being published shows how biased science has become...obviously things have side effects and those have an effect. You can't blame everything on a psychosomatic nocebo effect just because side effects exist. A logical conclusion would be that maybe their genes or immune systems functions differently and that causes side effects, but blaming a person for their response and using that to justify how information is given to the public makes no sense.