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Narwhalbaconguy t1_j4t4znf wrote

I bet pets loved the pandemic


angroro t1_j4t7wk8 wrote

My cats were over the moon about it. No more rotating feeding schedules, no more exhausted mom, no more days without a seizure buddy. Both of my cats with disorders did so much better. Bean got over her behavioral disorder and her twin sister got more regular physical therapy which improved her mobility and subsequently her mood.

There were some tensions when I had to go back to work, but most of the benefits from my time home have stayed. No regression for either kitty for the most part!


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_j4tp9ac wrote

Ours too! They like having us home more. Our anxious girl is much more centered now.


Lady-Seashell-Bikini t1_j4tahm9 wrote

My dog now hates it when I even lesve for an hour. She was used to the pandemic work schedule


Thejaybomb t1_j4uh9bh wrote

ha!! Im sure our cat has something to say about excessive grabby hands.


Dyolf_Knip t1_j4v9lao wrote

I was already wfh, but it's just wonderful serendipity that we got a dog towards the end of January 2020, right when covid was starting to become a household word.


Latyon t1_j4szgei wrote

What is "resilience" in this context? I don't see an explanation


metrop021 t1_j4ubque wrote

It's how squishy you are in PvP


HeroOfTime_99 t1_j4uer6q wrote

Found the destiny player


Theometer1 t1_j4wxac4 wrote

Resilience is in destiny now? I remember being in WoW for the longest time i didn’t know destiny has it now


HeroOfTime_99 t1_j4wxx6z wrote

Yeah, there's 6 stats now and have been around for several years. It's Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength. Mobility is jump height and strafe speed, resilience is flinch resistance and a bit of damage reduction, recovery is health Regen speed. Discipline is grenade timer, interject is super timer, strength is melee timer. I've been out of the game for about 4 months and I think there's a few nuances I'm missing but that's the gist. It's honestly too much. Endless grind for the sake of endless grind.


jacobgrey t1_j4wjrds wrote

Resilience is how resistant you are to emotional/mental distress and its negative effects, both short term and long term.


dzoefit t1_j4t466h wrote

If you lack resilience, you might dwell on problems, feel victimized, become overwhelmed or turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, eating disorders or risky behaviors


yohohoanabottleofrum t1_j4ty2xb wrote

My question is how would they count people who had high resilience who also own pets?


Solid-Brother-1439 t1_j4ufp2q wrote

You ser that crazy mf running by the road in a cold rainy morning at five a.m. with his dog? The researchers just drive by him and scream: Get in! Get in the car! And that's it.


Gary_Vigoda t1_j4ud9km wrote

My dog absolutely saved my sanity during the pandemic. He passed away a couple of months ago which messed with my mental state a lot more than I thought. I've since adopted a new pup and we're getting along good. Pets are the best anti-depressant.


tiletap t1_j4tchyp wrote

Shenanigans. I'm resilient af, and my dog still benefited my well-being.


Ray_Pingeau t1_j4t3jln wrote

And now many of those pets picked up during the pandemic are in shelters


petrichorgasm t1_j4utxyu wrote

I adopted my friend's pandemic pup when I found out my friend was going to give him away. I had bonded with the dog, helped with the dog's separation anxiety (a rescue), and completely adore him. I'm still mad at my friend, but my dog still loves him, so, I keep it to myself.


DisillusionedReader t1_j4v2teo wrote

Yes! And there’s not enough coverage of this! Adopting an animal is a lifelong responsibility!


Ad_Honorem1 t1_j4uqwu9 wrote

>Study suggests that pet ownership is tied to improved well-being during the pandemic, but only among people with low resilience.

Ouch... What a catty, judgemental way of phrasing it.


dimmu1313 t1_j4tg90p wrote

I absolutely would have unalived myself without my cat


afontana405 t1_j4uc53t wrote

Idk you but I’m glad you didn’t unalive yourself :)


peteypeteypeteypete t1_j4ttdci wrote

> While 95% of pet owners said that their pets offered them emotional comfort, and 88% said their pets had a positive impact on their lives during the pandemic, pet owners did not differ from non-pet owners in their well-being scores. However, among respondents with low resilience, having a pet was tied to higher positive feelings. Those with low resilience disagreed with statements such as “I tend to bounce back quickly after hard times.”


JonWinstonCarl t1_j4uwsbr wrote

This study has a lot of assuming phrases built into it, like saying people who love animals are lonely and are "people substituting." I think a much more clear assumption to make from this data would be that people who consider themselves of lower resilience are more conscious of their coping mechanisms.


Greizen_bregen t1_j4uxpuu wrote

That's me. I'm the one with low resilience.


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metler88 t1_j4top01 wrote

My job won't let me have a pet :(


helptheplanet t1_j4v094d wrote

I needed a pet so very badly but I'm allergic.


Adavis72 t1_j4v9har wrote

My dog died a month into the pandemic. My dad, who was very close with that dog, died a few months later. If not for my cat my home would be too quiet now.


insaneintheblain t1_j4zc8ol wrote

Ie. to extraverts - people who require the presence of others in order to no be crushed by their absence of inner life.