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WTFishsauce t1_j4vyy0w wrote

I’m sorry for your loss. My dad passed in a similar way. Didn’t want chemo or invasive surgery that had a low chance of working. Just wanted to die the way he wanted. He decided on a date my mom and I were with him and he drank a cup of drugs chased it with some apple juice and went to sleep. It was hard and I’ll miss him as long as I’m alive, but I’m thankful his death was without pain and Oregon gives people options.


extropia t1_j4wgd05 wrote

Thank you and you too. It's really scary to watch a loved one take their livelihood in their own hands. In our modern society it can feel very unmoored, I guess, since we are so accustomed to experts and technology taking over when things get so serious that we can't completely control our fate. And yet the bravery it takes for everyone to get through that process of doing it on the person's own terms truly brings closure in a manner that other methods often struggle to.


FiendishHawk t1_j4xefc0 wrote

I hope that when my time comes I can go peacefully like that.