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CustosEcheveria t1_j6aa54g wrote

Generally speaking black people's hair has different care needs so they use different products, but there should still be natural/gentler alternatives with less chemicals available.


BallumBallum t1_j6ag3f5 wrote

It kind of doesn't work like this. Because science isn't some kind of magical thing that can just solve anything, but also because many people don't care that much about their own safety.

For exemple there is a whitening active banned in european cosmetics because it is known for being very bad, but because it works well there is a full black market of it


somedave t1_j6co9sp wrote

"with less chemicals" is not a meaningful statement.


Quetzalcoatle19 t1_j6ah33x wrote

The entire concept of black hair/dreads is that they’re natural and healthy.


CustosEcheveria t1_j6ah7ge wrote

All hair is "natural" - we're talking about hair care products.


MuddyAuras t1_j6b7sud wrote

Natural hair is a term used in the hair care world. It refers to hair that it not chemically treated, thus being in it's "natural state" if you ever accompany a women to a salon you might see it posted on the wall, salons typically charge more $ for natural hair.