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apocalypse_later_ t1_j6aehpp wrote

Majority of the case each race is going to their own for their haircut. Why would you NOT go to someone who KNOWS your hair texture? When I get my haircut by black barbers it looks hilarious, I had to a couple times due to military.


Lukaroast t1_j6ah14n wrote

Maybe it’s different for different groups but I have never in my life requested or even thought to request a barber that is my specific race. I feel like it’s mostly ever been barbers who aren’t my race actually, they seem to give me what I’m looking for either way


Odd-Independent6177 t1_j6akujs wrote

If 80% of the population in a community has one hair type, every hairdresser will learn how to dress that type of hair. Not every hairdresser will learn to dress the various types that make up the other 20%. This is especially true if the 80% group has more money than the 20% group.


Lukaroast t1_j6at3zp wrote

That makes sense. But I would still think that those hairdressers and barbers would still have some diversity in who gets affected, but hey things aren’t always as yo expect


shenandoahvales t1_j6aj9nn wrote

Are we talking about barbers or are we talking about hairdressers....


apocalypse_later_ t1_j6ahe8n wrote

Are you ethnic?


Larein t1_j6ccwua wrote

Everybody is part of some ethnicity.


Lukaroast t1_j6ahzck wrote

I’m not trying to be difficult but I don’t really want to answer that in a public forum. Never know how the data is being collected and used. Maybe just give a dual response for if I was and if I wasn’t?


dabasedabase t1_j6al8he wrote

The question is whether or not you have some spicy genetics that makes your hair different from white people


1521 t1_j6akole wrote

You are certainly of some ethnicity… the universal answer to that question is yes


therealdannyking t1_j6bkckm wrote

Since this is a science sub, can you back your assertion up with some kind of evidence?