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Rugfiend t1_j5yjkhc wrote

God bless the US & UK - perpetuating death around the world for financial gain.


GaiusCosades t1_j61gx0v wrote

Please provide data on how the wars of the last decades provided a financial gain for the US & UK.


Sassycatfarts t1_j61kgqc wrote

laughs in Haliburton


GaiusCosades t1_j62c0r2 wrote

That is exactly not a counterargument. They wrote that there was a war induced gain for the US as a whole. That there was a gain for some people/companys in the US is self evident (Raytheon/Lockheed Martin etc.) But for making it a profit for the US, the increased profit of Haliburton et al. would have to be higher than the increased military spending which clearely is not the case.