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_smooth_talker_ t1_j5ae4x7 wrote

When people are pushing GMO mono-crops as the key to food stability I can’t help bit think that this is the real answer.

Obviously, this type of farming is not as easy to automate but most small farmers I know prefer this approach to the idea of driving over mono crops…

Our small organic co-ops manage to keep us fed but we’d need a whole lot more to meet the needs of the whole country.


TK-741 t1_j5cch0p wrote

The reality that “efficiency” isn’t as important as reducing the distance food travels from farm to table.

So really, we shouldn’t even be predominantly relying on centralized agriculture, but food grown in our own backyard/community.

That isn’t to say the farmland should therefore be developed into highways and cities, but that we can do more from within our cities than we are currently allowing ourselves to do.


sfzombie13 t1_j5h2hm8 wrote

having a general idea of how much wheat it takes to make a loaf of bread and how much bread i eat in a year tells me this is not possible given the size of most cities and the fact we eat more than just bread. it could supplement our diets, but never sustain us.