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chrisdh79 OP t1_j5zzhr0 wrote

From the article: Research published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy finds that compulsive sexual behavior is related to religious practices requiring intense commitment and inflexible expectations for belief and behavior. The study found that when moral disapproval is utilized to maintain religious commitment and behaviors, there seems to be a connection between religiosity and compulsive sexual behaviors.

Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD) is a recent addition to the International Classification of Diseases, Eleventh Revision (ICD-11). The ICD-11 identifies the symptoms of compulsive sexual behaviors as “as a persistent pattern of failure to control intense sexual impulses or urges resulting in repetitive sexual behavior that causes marked distress or social impairment (WHO, 2018).” Previous studies have found relationships between compulsive sexual behaviors and strong religious belief or religiosity.


jonathanrdt t1_j601rd7 wrote

So, repressing natural urges via moral disapproval is more likely to elicit compulsive sexual behavior than a healthy approach to sex?

Stands to reason. Good to prove and know.

Now if we could just use some of this knowledge to inform public policy, we might make some real progress.


MEMENARDO_DANK_VINCI t1_j63gas7 wrote

Probably something to do with the call of the void and scarcity thinking pushing the psyche into a loop


clericalclass t1_j63noyw wrote

Or could it be the same behavior leads to more distress in one person compared to another. One person might have no problem viewing porn daily while a religious person might become distressed by the behavior.


AnOddFad t1_j61jjx4 wrote

I’m skeptical of this interpretation. Behaviour can’t be both repressed and compulsive at the same time.

It could simply mean that people who dislike their own sexual desires, for one reason or another, gravitate towards religions that also disagree with those sexual desires and therefore assume God also dislikes it.

There are reasons why people might not like their sexuality aside from God you know.


dr-freddy-112 t1_j623v07 wrote

It's about shame. When you feel ashamed for wanting sex, you repress it and the issue becomes worse. It then leads to compulsive behavior. This is basic psychology.


DocRough t1_j63i4yr wrote

>gravitate towards religions that also disagree with those sexual desires

Ah yes, the most common form religion takes: freedom of decision! What a way to interpret the results of this specific study about rigid rules and their connection to impulsive behavior against those rules.


AnOddFad t1_j63in1a wrote

We’re all obsessed with blaming religion for everything aren’t we?

Atheism isn’t a cure for compulsive behaviour, it just enables it at best so it’s no longer called “compulsive”.


DocRough t1_j63j0k3 wrote

If the dominant cultural forces around the world get together to yell various doctrines to their followers and those doctrines are problematic in so many obvious ways, should we ignore it? You keep believing religions aren't hypocritical. Ill keep going over to guy's houses with crosses on their wall to hook up without learning their names sweety.

Or should we pretend that atheism is a monolith that can even be described by overarching morals or even ways to live?


AnOddFad t1_j655mi7 wrote

Atheists can be hypocritical too, you are hypocritical because you’re sleeping around whilst complaining about compulsive behaviour.

You’re actively encouraging said behaviour, whilst blaming religion for it.


DocRough t1_j656giv wrote

What says I am compulsive about casual hookups? Ive gained immense knowledge talking to other sexually liberated people that allows me to do so in a controlled, knowledgeable way. I don't have to hide it from the people around me so I have access to social support networks that keep me from doing harm to myself and others.

I am quite confident when I say you are one of the people that talk a lot about these things while having next to no experience. I wish I could just insert the level of first-hand knowledge I have interacting sexually with other humans into you and make you realize sex isn't as scary or gross as you believe. But if you stay in your bubble you'll always believe that boogieman is scary!

Alternatively, we could ban sex ed and pretend like waiting til marriage is a commonly practiced thing that should be enforced morally else you are a lesser human. Then when humans DO act on their sexuality out of internal tension building up and snapping they can make desparate, rash decisions.

Which sounds more healthy?


AnOddFad t1_j65dxof wrote

I’m glad you’ve found a way to do it safely that has worked (so far), but ofcourse it’s scary, the fact such support is even needed is scary. Sexual diseases are scary. Becoming addicted to sex is scary.

It is a dangerous lifestyle, and I don’t think I could recommend it to anyone.


Justdudeatplay t1_j60edjw wrote

I’d be careful with that correlation. It could be that people who are prone to hyper religiousness are simply more reactive to the dopamine/serotonin they get from it. An addictive personality may respond to sexual desire in similar ways. It might not just be about repression, it could be the person.


Olclops t1_j63zyun wrote

Former hyper religious person here with some anecdotal evidence ... I used to think i had a compulsive problem with sexual behavior. When i dropped the religious shame-based belief system, the compulsivity went with it. Like magic.


Violets_and_honey t1_j64gkjl wrote

Exactly, if you stop feeling ashamed about something you won't "binge" on it, you will enjoy it freely and have less of a scarcity mindset, and therefore control your urges better because it will just feel more natural and pleasant, rather than shameful.

It's also kind of a labeling issue. Say a really religious person is "cumpulsive" and gives in to their urge to masturbate, then feels guilty and ashamed and believes that they were compelled, they couldn't help it. A less restrictive person would just feel horny, choose to masturbate, and feel good after, no shame or calling it cumpulsive.


johnjohn4011 t1_j61xabu wrote

".....compulsive sexual behavior is related to religious practices requiring intense commitment and inflexible expectations for belief and behavior. The study found that when moral disapproval is utilized to maintain religious commitment and behaviors, there seems to be a connection between religiosity and compulsive sexual behaviors." Not sure what the value of this correlation is - how do we know that overly compulsive people are not just inherently attracted to those types of religious practices?


uberneoconcert t1_j64btfg wrote

Because people are by far born into their religion.


johnjohn4011 t1_j661k4s wrote

True. The various religions run the gamut as far as how they decide to practice, however. From in name only - to ultra orthodox.


aztronut t1_j60gg8b wrote

Not very well apparently, it doesn't seem to work for Catholics at least.


Shaula-Alnair t1_j60ut5d wrote

I think that's actually what the study is saying. They found being part of a community with really tight moral restrictions on sex seems to result in people who have a harder time controlling their sexual urges. Abuse would be an extreme example of such


External_Somewhere76 t1_j60oadv wrote

Came here to say exactly that. The number of reports of religious leaders being charged with abuse seems to outnumber virtually any other group.


Benjamintoday t1_j61mxmw wrote

This sounds a bit like when something triggers a porn urge. Did I read it right?


QncyFie t1_j67jm9f wrote

This really explains why the extremist religious degenerates cyber stalking me for a year were completely and utterly obsessed with my sexuality


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Jonas_VentureJr t1_j63exye wrote

Is this also why some ex drug addicts turn to extreme religious beliefs. My Pillow Guy.


dekalbavenue t1_j63z56n wrote

Morals don't feel as good as orgasms


mechanab t1_j641b4d wrote

Sometimes it feels good to be bad.


RunRevolutionary9019 t1_j65zod0 wrote

I cured my eating disorder by refusing to feel guilty about anything I put in my mouth. Totally ended my compulsion.