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JonWinstonCarl t1_j5dxefp wrote

I feel like this study is very disconnected from its subject/audience. I have no medical background whatsoever, but Ive done a decent amount of mushrooms, and I would NEVER recommend them to somebody who exhibits manic behavior or uncontrollable thoughts. Just from an anectdotal standpoint, they amplify anything you are feeling so dramatically that I think if you had a downturn while tripping it would be a disaster. I absolutely love mushrooms, but I've recommended against my wife and friends doing them because they have depression issues and dont have a real medical expert to supervise them.


azorielios t1_j5g6dwj wrote

I am bipolar, and before being diagnosed I did a substantial quantity of shrooms. You’re right - it was intense. It was also incredibly cathartic, and for weeks afterward each time I was calmer and more stable.

I also recognize that the plural of ancedote isn’t data, so maybe I just seriously lucked out.


lizardlines t1_j5fu1el wrote

That was my experience taking psilocybin as part of a study on BD2. Amplified my obsessive negative thoughts and was a miserable experience. I’d try psilocybin again but never while severely depressed.