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Uptown-Dog t1_j69tbzt wrote

>Plastics are irreplaceable in plumbing, medicine, weather proofing in construction, many durable consumer goods, automobile crumple zones, storage for dangerous industrial chemicals, and on and on. We need to dispose of plastics better, not try to blanket ban them.

Just because we don't have a valid replacement for plastic in these use-uses doesn't mean that one doesn't exist: we should be striving and looking for them. And if we need to adjust our behaviors as part of that process, so be it. But in general, we don't even try; Big Oil relies on our addiction to plastic in a big way, and we should absolutely keep getting rid of it in our gunsights.


-Ch4s3- t1_j6a3uac wrote

“Big oil” exists because we need energy. Plastic is just a neat way to use the trash that would otherwise be discarded. Burying plastic trash is carbon neutral, and it came out of the ground anyway.