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Bacchus1976 t1_j5gtkk2 wrote

There is constant transfer of bacteria from gut to vagina. These systems are completely linked.

The person I was responding to brought up poop as a joke. Poop indirectly plays a role in all vaginal births.


call-my-name t1_j5gulka wrote

““Every generation of mothers hands over its microbiome to the next, as the baby is coated with beneficial germs while being squeezed through the birth canal – but this doesn’t happen for babies born through C-section,” said co-author Martin Blaser, director of the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine at Rutgers.” Link. It’s not a poop/poop residue adjacent crotch that provides the bacteria, it’s the vaginal bacteria. There’s a reason they tell women to wipe from front to back.


Bacchus1976 t1_j5gv1of wrote

Are you claiming that there is no gut bacteria in the vagina?


call-my-name t1_j5gw9iu wrote

No, I’m not claiming that. There is gut bacteria in poop. There is gut bacteria in the vagina. That does not mean they are interchangeable. The exposure received in the vaginal canal is what’s beneficial for the baby.