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AsphaltAdvertExec t1_j5ft7u3 wrote

Eat more potatoes, they are super high in potassium.

40% more than a banana by weight.


PLaTinuM_HaZe t1_j5gdtps wrote

Chicken breast, beef, and salmon are all loaded with potassium as well. And 8oz serving or chicken breast will have 885mg of potassium.


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PLaTinuM_HaZe t1_j5h1oyh wrote

Because meat has higher nutrient density. Quit drinking the plant based kool-aid. Literally all of our health problems started in the 70's when they introduced the food pyramid telling people to reduce their meat and saturated fat intake and making breads and grains the entire base of the pyramid. Since the introduction of the food pyramid, obesity and diabetes exploded exponentially. Literally reducing meat intake and replacing fat with sugar for flavor is why we're in this health mess.

In addition, just because plants have a nutrient doesn't mean we absorb it well. There's a reason for example plant based iron is inferior to heme iron, our ability to absorb and use it is so much poorer. Humans are foregut digesters, not hindgut digesters. We have very small large intestines and we lack a cecum. Meanwhile we have extremely acidic stomachs (pH 1.5) and very long small intestines. This ultimately means humans are primed to eating meat, fruit, and tubers, in that order of prioritization. We evolved to eat foods we could absorb quickly and efficiently to provide the energy and nutrient density to fuel our power hungry brains.

Eating less meat isn't the answer at all, cutting out grains, sugar, and seed oils is the answer.


xEman26x t1_j5h7y2i wrote

Are you a nutritionist by any chance?


nebbyb t1_j5iaqfe wrote

Avoiding grains (particularly refined ones) and sugar is a great idea. limiting meat intake (particularly red meat and processed meats) is also associated with better health outcomes. The food pyramid is junk, but eating meat only occasionally in small portions is also a good idea.


DelusionalZ t1_j5m1rxk wrote

With a huge asterisk here; some people have trouble digesting meat over plants, at least anecdotally. My partner cannot eat meats without getting a very upset stomach, though admittedly this occurred in the last year or so, so it could be something else.

I've heard others say they've been vegetarian their whole life because they simply can't process meat normally - perhaps more research is needed on it.


KrustyBoomer t1_j5gx9nr wrote

Because meat is real human food.


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PLaTinuM_HaZe t1_j5h2230 wrote

Actually, potatoes and chicken breast have approximately the same potassium content but chicken provides a lot of high quality protein so you're getting far more nutrients eating the chicken than the potatoes which is just starch and a few micronutrients.


sixthmontheleventh t1_j5hbnez wrote

So what you are saying is honey I shrunk the kids lied.


AsphaltAdvertExec t1_j5i49dp wrote

How dare you assault Rick Moranis. That man is my childhood hero, and now into adulthood.


not_a_bot_2 t1_j5htrgr wrote

Low sodium v8 has a ton of potassium too. 1250 mg in a single can I think. I drink a can whenever I have muscle twitching/cramps.


Nyrin t1_j5j4te5 wrote

Potatoes are a lot better food than they get credit for, but in a world where the majority of people are overweight we need to look at micronutrient density relative to calories before food weight.

A modest bunch of spinach packs almost 2g of potassium for under 100 calories. That sounds like a lot of spinach until you cook it--it shrinks a ton. You'd need like 500 calories worth of potatoes (or 700+ calories from a nice bunch of those overrated bananas) to match.

In general, all those leafy green and cruciferous vegetables that people hate are very favorable in micronutrient density to macronutrient content, potassium included.

Meat, beans, and potatoes are all "decent" potassium sources, but particularly in the context of sodium/potassium balance (which seems to have at least as much bearing as raw intakes do) and how hard it is to keep sodium intake down, it's hard to get enough potassium without at least a little bit of veggie love.


AsphaltAdvertExec t1_j5jyz5q wrote

There is a literal potato diet you can go on and lose weight.

I am sick and tired of all the demonizing of random foods.

I eat all these foods and am not overweight or in bad health, and i am in my mid 40s.


esc8pe8rtist t1_j5p3e0s wrote

Any diet that keeps your energy intake lower than your energy expenditure will make you lose weight, even if that diet consists of twinkies.


MyShixteenthAccount t1_j5kc26s wrote

Sweet potato is also really good, and bizarrely has less sugar than regular potatoes.


spankybacon t1_j5ftcxd wrote

Doesn't that get destroyed when they get fried?


AsphaltAdvertExec t1_j5fuev2 wrote

Frying is recommended to preserve the potassium. Boiling is what will lessen it, actually.

But mashed potatoes still have over 600 MG of potassium per cup, which is 13% of the daily recommendation.

Banana has 422 mg.


spankybacon t1_j5gx6tz wrote

Thank you for answering me and providing context. Have a terrific day.


protoopus t1_j5gxzur wrote

steaming might be better than boiling insofar as dilution goes.


ZipTheZipper t1_j5g3qpi wrote

Isn't potassium an element? How could frying destroy it?


zenzukai t1_j5g8sbq wrote

Doesn't everybody fry their potatoes at 10^9 K?


Nyrin t1_j5j3vj6 wrote

Sir, would you like that steak medium, well-done, or plasma?


Grokent t1_j5gol1s wrote

Usually because you drain the water out after boiling. If you cook everything in a stew all trace elements will be preserved. This is why a lot of 'poor' meals are soups and stews, to preserve all the nutritional value and calories.


spankybacon t1_j5gx1ob wrote

I looked this up because I wasn't sure. Frying actually just condenses the nutritional value. the Potassium is still very much available regardless of cooking method.

Although apparently boiling is the worst


niv727 t1_j5h6c94 wrote

Yes, the potassium itself doesn’t get destroyed or anything regardless of what you do. The point is that when you just boil it it seeps out into the water and since you don’t tend to drink the water you lose the potassium.


spankybacon t1_j5gx45v wrote

Not sure how this works that's why i asked the stupid question


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zenzukai t1_j5g97xa wrote

Likely 400% more cancer by weight too.


not_cinderella t1_j5gnw3u wrote

I'm not anti-meat but let's be real, bacon is one of the worst meats you can put into your body.


PLaTinuM_HaZe t1_j5gdyie wrote

Most meat has potassium. Chicken breast is loaded with potassium and beef is also a rich source.


obroz t1_j5g6hvv wrote

Super high in carbs and starch which is not good for you


jabbadarth t1_j5i9mck wrote

Neither of those are bad for you in moderation.

People need to stop acting like carbohydrates are evil. Sure if you eat a half loaf of bread and 4 potatoes a day you aren't going to be healthy but a potato with some leafy greens and roasted veggies and lean protein is a perfectly healthy meal, you can even throw some bread in there.

Very few things found in unprocessed foods are bad for you when eaten in rational amounts.


Troolz t1_j5iapk7 wrote

Eat the potatoes as leftovers the next day. The starch becomes resistant starch. Digestion is slowed such that glucose is controlled. Also much better for your gut microbiome.


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radlibcountryfan t1_j5gckfc wrote

Eh wheats a plant. It’s not that bad for you. It’s not like it [insert moral opinion cloaked as scientifically objective].

Wheat has fiber and nutritive value. Like potatoes, it’s totally fine in a balanced diet (unless allergic).