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ZipTheZipper t1_j5g3qpi wrote

Isn't potassium an element? How could frying destroy it?


zenzukai t1_j5g8sbq wrote

Doesn't everybody fry their potatoes at 10^9 K?


Nyrin t1_j5j3vj6 wrote

Sir, would you like that steak medium, well-done, or plasma?


Grokent t1_j5gol1s wrote

Usually because you drain the water out after boiling. If you cook everything in a stew all trace elements will be preserved. This is why a lot of 'poor' meals are soups and stews, to preserve all the nutritional value and calories.


spankybacon t1_j5gx1ob wrote

I looked this up because I wasn't sure. Frying actually just condenses the nutritional value. the Potassium is still very much available regardless of cooking method.

Although apparently boiling is the worst


niv727 t1_j5h6c94 wrote

Yes, the potassium itself doesn’t get destroyed or anything regardless of what you do. The point is that when you just boil it it seeps out into the water and since you don’t tend to drink the water you lose the potassium.


spankybacon t1_j5gx45v wrote

Not sure how this works that's why i asked the stupid question