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FireHeartSmokeBurp t1_j5ieyi9 wrote

Yeah our Dollar General looks like the staff is paid generally a dollar. Shelves are never reorganized, abandoned stocking equipment blocking the aisles, don't restock for weeks. I can't blame them, I doubt they're being paid well but you can glaringly tell by the quality of the store management


ImmodestPolitician t1_j5j6tda wrote

"don't restock for weeks"

Dollar stores business model is to buy remnants and excess inventory. They buy whatever they can get a deal on.

They can't restock until they can find another deal.

Aldi is similar for many of their products. Sometimes they have pork loin ribs, most of the time they don't.


aoskunk t1_j5iuzpv wrote

It’s the same at mine. And it’s only another mile to Walmart. It’s somehow seems busy though, I guess a lot of lazy people. I went in for ice cream once and the only mint chocolate chip they had was this horribly dented one that for some reason had a gritty texture. I actually ended up throwing it out. It wasn’t expired either. They’re so short staffed that they’re easy to steal from I imagine.


WayneKrane t1_j5l4jpb wrote

I bought a candy bar there and it disintegrated when I opened it up. Never have I bought food from one again.


notsureifxml t1_j5l0dne wrote

at least yours is open. im never sure if mine will be.