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DecentFart t1_j5jwf34 wrote

Magnetic water cleaning is generally snake oil. I have heard stories about manufacturing plants or hospitals that have been tricked into buying very expensive magnetic boiler feed water cleaning systems and they discontinue using the more expensive treatment chemicals. In a few months they ruin their steam boilers and other equipment and the magnetic water cleaning salesman are nowhere to be found. Happened at lot at VA hospitals for their hot water plants.


antiquemule t1_j5ka11i wrote

That's completely different. This system uses magnetic particles that having PFAS-loving coats to remove them from the water.


velifer t1_j5kuxxx wrote

This is flocculation and sedimentation, which has been done in drinking water treatment plants for decades (centuries if your definition is loose enough) except now with magnets instead of gravity.


DecentFart t1_j5kz72j wrote

Gotcha. I didn't ream into it. I just jump to snake oil when I hear about using magnets to clean water because of my experience. I've worked in waster water for manufacturing facilities as well, but not an expert. I know clarifiers at paper mills stink.

Edit: I'll read some to save others explaining.