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Brokenspokes68 t1_j5kjj4s wrote

It's really not fun living in the find out generation. We all owe a huge apology to our children.


co_lund t1_j5kqzhc wrote

Not shocking so many people are choosing to forego having children these days


Ixneigh t1_j5k0oq6 wrote

That’s ok, rats pigeons and cockroaches taste great!!


E_Snap t1_j5lcn2p wrote

You’re forgetting lobster and uni and seaweed. It goes both ways.


Ixneigh t1_j5ljul6 wrote

All those are going to be moving with iguanas replacing them.


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Commandmanda t1_j5kplk3 wrote

It seems the only solution would be to "house" them, using tanks to cool, filter, and bubble the water.

They'll have another go at reseeding this or next year. Here's hoping it's successful.