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ramonycajal88 t1_j5lxh6f wrote

Does the effect the earth's magnetic poles? I saw an article last year that the true North has shifted over the last couple years, which appears to also be a part of a normal cycle.


hartstone6 t1_j5lzbrm wrote

The Earth's poles are set to flip in the next 75 years or so


Euhn t1_j5mybwg wrote

That is a huge guess and not statistically sound.


Beanmachine314 t1_j5om4eq wrote

Also, poles do not shift on that kind of time frame. It takes waaay more than 75 years. Maybe they're switching right now, but none of us will be alive to know if the normal pole wandering is a part of pole switching or not.


sfzombie13 t1_j5yeewy wrote

maybe not, but the magnetic record found in core samples can tell us. from what i've read on the subject, they do know that wandering happens both immediately before and after the shift. last time i checked i think it said it happened in the span of a century or two.


Beanmachine314 t1_j5yfb17 wrote

Try another order of magnitude. It takes thousands of years for the poles to reverse.


sfzombie13 t1_j5yfst9 wrote

so you say. without proof, i'm right. i'll gladly agree that i am mistaken if you have a link. i'd actually like to know, but not nearly enough that i'll go look for it. have to be at work soon.


Beanmachine314 t1_j5yg9ro wrote

Hello pot, I'm kettle, nice to meet you. Stating you're correct, does not make it so, no matter how little evidence one provides. If that is true, then apparently I'm the correct one as you also provided zero evidence.


sfzombie13 t1_j5yizr8 wrote

i was hoping you had something to show me i was wrong. usually that's how it's done when correcting folks. i make the statement, and it's right unless you can show me it's wrong. if it worked as you said, then everybody is always right. hell, even my college professors knew that. i was right and argued with them unless they could show me i was wrong. it happened a lot, and i learned a lot. most important thing i learned was not to change my position unless proven wrong, then accept the error, learn from it, and move on. i'm not concerned with your ideas, unless you can prove them. i have my own ideas, no room for any of yours. facts are always welcome. have a great day.


NYCmob79 t1_j5n7ckq wrote

Is not a guess. We are over due by several hundred thousand years. The average is 200k years, but the last one was 750k years ago. I'm in the northern hemisphere. We have no winter. I haven't wore a coat this year yet. It should be freezing. I think this is happening now. Soon our winter months will be our summer months and vice versa.


SneakyCrouton t1_j5naob7 wrote

First, your math makes no sense, saying it's 550,000 years overdue does make it definite in the next 75 years. And secondly, the seasons are affected by the tilt of the Earth and potentially weather effects such as trade winds which have been affected by the changing sea temperatures due to global warming.


ZeroOnline t1_j5nhhm4 wrote

I'm also in the northern hemisphere and when I look out my window I see snow. We had a snow storm a few days ago. Roads are salted. I'v been wearing my winter jacket. Granted it's not as cold as normal, but it's winter. You might also want to be more specific on where exactly in the northern hemisphere you are, because 2 weeks ago most of Midland America was in the freezing temperatures. Chill tf out.


SLR_ZA t1_j5ny1im wrote

>he last one was 750k years ago. I'm in the northern hemisphere. We have no winter. I

The magnetic north and south pole do not affect the seasons. The earths tilt affects seasons. This does not swap.


And because it happens every 200k years on average and we are beyond that does not mean it will happen in the next 75 years. What about 100 years ago by the same argument?