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sfzombie13 t1_j5yfst9 wrote

so you say. without proof, i'm right. i'll gladly agree that i am mistaken if you have a link. i'd actually like to know, but not nearly enough that i'll go look for it. have to be at work soon.


Beanmachine314 t1_j5yg9ro wrote

Hello pot, I'm kettle, nice to meet you. Stating you're correct, does not make it so, no matter how little evidence one provides. If that is true, then apparently I'm the correct one as you also provided zero evidence.


sfzombie13 t1_j5yizr8 wrote

i was hoping you had something to show me i was wrong. usually that's how it's done when correcting folks. i make the statement, and it's right unless you can show me it's wrong. if it worked as you said, then everybody is always right. hell, even my college professors knew that. i was right and argued with them unless they could show me i was wrong. it happened a lot, and i learned a lot. most important thing i learned was not to change my position unless proven wrong, then accept the error, learn from it, and move on. i'm not concerned with your ideas, unless you can prove them. i have my own ideas, no room for any of yours. facts are always welcome. have a great day.